Answer call with Wyze Headphones?

At , There is a topic header “Answer calls without reaching for your phone” that details “Hands-free calling by quickly tapping on your headphones, or ask Alexa to call someone from your contact list.”

I have been unable to use this feature. I assume the “quick taps” should be on the right earcup touch surface, but when I try quick taps what occurs is a mute of the microphone or it triggers assistant.

How to answer calls?

This is detailed in the quick start guide in the box. You press the play pause button (middle button on base of left ear cup) once to answer, and click it twice to ignore the call.

I think the touch pad tapping or swiping motions would be great for calls/track±/volume± would be a great feature.

On a side note, my calls from the headphones have been pretty good. I can hear clearly, and the other end says I’m clear but on the quiet side.


Thank-you rmaulsby. I marked your reply as solution.

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Hi im on iphone 12 ios 14.2.1, when phone calls come in and im playing music - the music mutes but there is no phone ring/announcement, When SMS come in i get the appropriate ping sound.
Anybody have this behaviour - or am i missing something.

OK, but it very difficult to find that button with the headphones on your head. A touch sequence on the right or left touch surface would make more sense.