Another Wyze Plugs wont connect, sorry

So I have my plugs I have tried seemingly everything I can think of

2 Seperate routers (both separate and at the same time)
3 devices, a Pixel 3A on 10, Lg Q7 on 8 and an ipad mini wifi only on 12.4
Mobile data disabled on the phones
5ghz disabled on the router
waited for the no internet prompt on android devices

network name is literally Internet

only thing I can think of is a firmware bug my network password is 19 characters

Both my Cable modem/router and the 2nd router I tried don’t show any signs of the plug making connection. Plenty of DHCP space available, all firewalls and security off, etc.

Anything else or other ideas? I am at a total loss.

Did you try all these ideas?

Yes and/or it doesnt apply. For example I don’t use mac filtering, etc.

The bulbs connect fine on my network I have 3 cameras, 2 bulbs, and the sensors currently.

Don’t use plumes, etc.

Sounds like you have been pretty thorough. I’d bet on bad plugs at this point. You should get support involved so they can replace them.

I found that my antivirus app. Was stopping the sync. Try turning it off to sync then turn back on.

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Don’t have any on my phone(s)/ipad and all computers on my network were either off or asleep at the time but good though, mine seems to be 100% connectivity since the devices ever even hit my router. The light goes from fast blinking, stutters for a second (assuming when it gets the payload with my network details), then slowly blinks forever.

Was afraid of that, request submitted.

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That is a good thing to know, sometimes forget about the possibility of antivirus interfering

Also check if you have a VPN. It might ask if it safe, but you my have to turn it off to sync.

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Check your router…I had to disable WMM to connect to my plugs.

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This is the latest on my caveats list. Thanks for the most recent @WildBill:

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That was enabled, but alas still no dice. Thanks for pointing that out though it was 1 little check box at the bottom of my routers list I hate having it enabled and had never noticed it.

Saw in another post a suggestion to display the actual wifi password when you get to the point in the setup process to enter the info. Someone mentioned they had problems until they did that. There’s an icon that looks like a closed eye to the right of the password.

Also, do you have multiple wifi networks enabled on your phones and iPads? If so, make sure to turn off the auto join feature on all but the 2.4Ghz network until you get the plugs connected.

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Just an update for everyone. Wyze shipped me replacements they arrived a couple days ago just went to set them up today and in 30 seconds a piece using my Pixel 3a with only mobile data turned off they connected right up. Guess I got a couple duds unfortunately.