Another Pre-Sale?

I have to tell you how disappointed I am, that we are still waiting on the alarm system that was promised months ago. You are letting down your most loyal customers. I personally will discontinue all my business from Wyze if I see another pre-order? I understand that delays come up that are out of your control, however, making predications and promises while in the middle of a pandemic is simply irresponsible, and shows very little judgment. All you are doing is taking advantage of your customers. :frowning:

Hi there. As far as I can tell from the website it says that the monitoring system will start shipping in April. It may have originally said March I’m not sure would you like to elaborate on how it was promised months ago? I thought from the beginning they said it would ship around this time.

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Thank you, however they were originally promised in January. I placed the order in early December.

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I remember when I ordered, the announcement specifically said:

Shipping date unknown, expecting early 2021, probably mid-February

Because I had family and friends ask me when it would ship (since a lot of pre-orders were for 4+ months out like the video doorbell, and I had to tell them all that Wyze said they don’t have an expected ship time for this one yet, but they were aiming for early 2021 and said “probably mid-February” but that it could take until spring, though it would be sometime in the first half of the year.

I too was hoping for mid-February as was mentioned, but I was not too surprised when it got delayed since they specifically said they couldn’t give us a good expectation other than “early in 2021”…I can definitely see how some might’ve thought that meant January, though they specifically said probably mid-February, which to me meant definitely not January.

I will say, they almost definitely already have launches prepared before mid to late April (there is one tomorrow for a remote control car that carries the V2), but it is my understanding that none of these new products are negatively affecting the Home security delivery timeline in any way, the delays were for unrelated reasons (supplier specific chip-shortages, testing and refining things, etc.).

I am very anxious for my devices as well, though I acknowledge they had some unexpected supply issues come up because of the pandemic, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

In the last update they said:

…we estimate that we should be able to start shipping Wyze Home Monitoring Starter Bundles by 4/17.

:point_right: Orders with additional sensors/keypads added into the mix should start shipping later in April.

Sucks for me, I’m looking at end of April (ordered a bunch of extras), but still excited for this month to finally get here!

It is well established that Wyze uses the “early access” and “pre-order” sales model. And sometimes means that the original ship dates for those pre-orders are going to slip. I have been buying Wyze products under this model for almost 3 years.

Personally, I’m fine with it. For people like yourself who do not like this method of sales, you have 2 options. Option #1, don’t order during the pre-sale and wait until the product is stocked enough to be offered in the general release. The advantage is that the product and app will most likely be in a more stable/reliable state. Option #2, is to do what you mentioned, just move on to different company.


There business practices skate on the line of a Ponzi scheme… Remember, not all Ponzi scheme set out with the intention to defraud, some businesses actually fell into it without meany to.

Spellcheck, but I hear where you are coming from.

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just don’t buy during the pre-sale, wait for when it’s in stock…then you won’t anything to complain about :roll_eyes:


I understand your frustration. Hopefully, it ships soon in April :slight_smile: