Announcing Wyze Lock - Available for EA

What about multiple locks? Do I need a bridge for each lock?


I want so much to jump on this. I had it ready to go, but I could hear the wife in my ear now.
I am skeptical about fit and seamless integration with current deadbolts.
I can live with color issues for now but the fit. That is key.
Maybe we need a list of compatible companies with corresponding production years?

Obviously you can turn it off so the door can stay open and not alert you at all during the summer correct?

I have the same question. It would be great to have integration with zigbee hub such as Smartthings.

So I went looking into LockIn, and I saw something really familiar.

Lock icons are different but they are using the same font for the numbers on the numberpad. Indicator light is in the same place on the gateway. Big thing I noticed, specifically mentions ST integration. Maybe, maybe.


That answer is here

Thanks for the info. Are there plans to integrate with Smartthings?

That’s a separate issue , here is the wish list topic


Sounds great, what is the time frame for Alexa support?

That is in the original post

I’m sure this won’t be officially supported, but since communication between the lock and the gateway is zigbee, does that mean we can pair the lock with our own zigbee hub to control from Home Assistant. I don’t currently have zigbee in my setup (only z-wave currently), but i’m not opposed to adding a zigbee stick to home assistant.

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Hello, just pre-ordered mine, how much would the pad be?


Interesting also is lockin indicates a longer battery life also.

Use up to 18 months without changing AA Batteries.

Another Forum Thread on this subject ??? . Trying to get answers before I order . When is the Key Pad going to be available and how much ? .Come on why is it so difficult to get some answers …

They have not released the price of the keypad and every answer I have seen is ‘early 2020’

I have owned August/Yale-Nest/Yale Smart locks and I like what I see of this lock. My current lock is a Yale that integrates with Alexa and my Ring Alarm system. So to replace my existing lock it would need those two features in addition. Sounds like the Alexa integration is coming.

What I love is the ability of the lock to sense the door being closed without any external sensor. Right now I use a contact sensor to do that, and the August lock used an external magnet for that.

So I will definitely keep an eye on things as it matures!

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From the support pages, I believe the documentation says the first hop is lock to gateway (zigbee connection). Then second hop is gateway to your Wifi router.

Visual aid:

lock – (zigbee) --> gateway – (wifi) – > router

Hope this helps!

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This looks awesome and I am hoping to get it before you run out of early access! Did I see something in the video about it detecting a door jam/incomplete lock engagement?

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