Android app automatically storing videos and pictures locally.. why?

If I view a recorded motion video, it automatically saves to a new album in my gallery. If I click a camera and then back out of it, the preview picture that it generates under each camera also saves to another new album. It’s turning into a cluster in my gallery. I don’t want anything saved unless I specifically download it… And even then, it ends up saving to my main camera album. Why is simply viewing things creating albums on my phone? I tried to revoke permission but the app won’t function when I do that.

Edit: A new gallery is also created to store my pan scan waypoints. This all seems very unnecessary :man_shrugging:t2:


I have noticed this more recently also. Should be able to have one folder for the wyze app to download anything into.


Any update on this?

Hey LDelSanto86

By design, when you tap an Event thumbnail (12-sec cloud clip) if it is the first time you have viewed it, it is downloaded from the cloud and saved to a cache on your device.

If you access the same Event again, it is loaded from the cache (assuming you haven’t Cleared Cache in the interim.)

Wyze app > Account > App Settings > Cache File Size > Clear

Clearing cache will remove any auto-saved Event videos from your device.

Check out this topic (especially the Postscripts section) for some useful detail on the Android file system:

Is there any way to turn this feature off? Like I said, it clutters up my phone’s gallery and I don’t want to have to either clear the cache or delete the files manually every time I use the app. This also doesn’t address the thumbnails being saved for my Wyze PanCam waypoints.

I don’t understand the feature of caching the files to my device when there is already a dedicated download button… if it was something that I wanted to watch more than once I would just use that feature.

I tried to disable the permissions for storage access (as I never download clips, don’t want anything at all saved locally to my phone, and have SD cards in all of my cams) but when I do this, the app will not run. I don’t know why it’s necessary for the app to access my storage when I don’t want it to, nor should it be required to in order to view clips saved in a cloud or on my SD cards.

No. But you can do this:

I think the cache function exists to save network resources - both for Wyze (cloud server) and for the customer (data plan.) Plus it should be marginally faster to display from a local cache than a remote server.

With respect to thumbnail images from the Pan waypoints, etc, I expect it’s baked in. Permissions, too. There are Wishlist and Roadmap sections you can search through to see if like minded folks have already created a topic. If not, you can create your own in the Wishlist category.