An update regarding Person Detection

I have 0 detection from my Pan cam now, any idea when it will return? corner of screen still shows running
When I say 0 I mean 0 it will not send any notification or record any events.
Just stream video, This sucks,

Sorry to hear about that, @bpraim! I’d recommend contacting our customer support team so we can help out with troubleshooting. We want to get your Wyze Cam Pan up and running again!

Wyze Customer Support

Thank you for your prompt reply

You’re welcome! Have a lovely weekend.

With the Wyze version of People Detection it would be nice if detections worked after the initial 12 seconds if you have an SD card installed. At the moment with my setup, I miss person detections because when a car pulls into my driveway the 12 second motion detection starts, by the time the person gets out of the car and walks up to be detected as a person the 12 seconds is up, so no person detection is made, only a normal motion detection.


Thank you anyway I really appreciate the help

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My pleasure. :slight_smile:

I know you probably hear this a lot but if any hardware opens up I wish you guys could put me on the top of the list are on the list. It doesn’t matter top or bottom thank you

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Thank you! As a check-in, have you filled out our hardware testing application before? :slight_smile:

Alpha/Beta Product Testing Intake Form

Yes I believe I have when you guys had hardware available a few weeks ago almost a month ago I filled it out I’m hoping I filled it out correctly

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I’m sure you did. Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:

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I just got ky first four cameras. Haven’t been following things recently, but assume they have some level of old firmware. Will i still have legacy person detection on them. They’re still in the shrink wrap

Hello RLBK
Maybe there is a settings problem with your cameras. I am very happy with CMC .

Hi, @geepmaley
With no warranty at all :slight_smile:… if you want to have the current person detection, I would set the cameras up and update them to the last firmware available. It should still include Person Detection, as the new firmware without that feature has not been released yet.
When the aforementioned firmware is released, you should stop installing updates (and updating Wyze’s app in your phone). Thus, probably the feature will keep working. At least, that’s what I think. :slight_smile:

I haven’t changed anything. Like I said, it stopped being effective some time after the trial period…

Can I put the old firmware on my v2 camera? Just bought these yesterday. Today got home and notifications and saved video weren’t working on one cameras. Had message to update firmware still not working. Old firmware on other camera and it works fine. So frustrating! Was highly recommended by my daughter. Not happy. Please help. I have checked all settings already. Thanks

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You can find older firmware files in our release notes here:

Here are the instructions for how to manually flash firmware:

We’re sorry to hear about the difficulty you had with your new Wyze Cams! Thanks for reaching out.


When if at all should I expect a response when signing up to be a beta tester. I applied for it a few weeks ago. Thanks!

Beta testing for software and firmware is opt-in so you shouldn’t have to wait for anyone. For the hardware testing application, we have thousands of folks on the waitlist so there’s quite a line. Sometimes we’ll do pointed call outs in relevant areas if we want to make sure we get certain traits, use cases, etc. in the test group so keep an eye out! :slight_smile:

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