An update regarding Person Detection

It was a little hard to parse your comment, but my China comment was a joke. Pretty much all tech products are manufactured in China. 12Security just seems to be obsessed with Wyze’s China connection.

A very, very short summary: Kildare had an appointment with IBM execs to discuss having his company acquired. He was circling overhead piloting his own plane while the IBM people stewed below. That’s when Bill Gates pounced.

Edit – My bad, as Emperor3 pointed out, the Digital Research CEO was actually, Gary Kildall


And changed the future of computers in that move. -nods-

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Looks like Apple just bought, (Wyze’s computer vision AI provider that did person recognition). That could explan why they pulled out of their contract.

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I hope it’s soon. I LOVE that feature! I will gladly beta test. I’m already a beta tester…but, if Wyze is looking for ANYONE to do public testing of this feature…count me in!
Yesterday’s beta release removed it, and I am really missing it already.

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Yeah apple buying you would definitely be a sign you’re not renewing your contract.

So now that Person Detection is being removed, when will Wyze have their own version ready for us, or at least partnering with another company that does Person Detection?

For now! Amazon bought Ring for $1 billion. Google bought Nest for $3.2 billions. I think Apple is going to buy a security camera company soon otherwise they have no need for person detection software. Who else is left out there? I think Amazon also got Blink for $90 millions. To be honest, the Wyze Cam V2 looks like it will fit right into a Apple product line with its simple design.

So again … until we get person detection back why not give us COMPLETE MOTION CAPTURE … once its back then 14 day trial .


Gary Killdall.

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Need a memory upgrade :grin:

I agree, until we get person detection back why not give us COMPLETE MOTION CAPTURE instead of the 14 day trial? And let us know when your outdoor cameras will be ready…


Pretty sure almost every Apple device is a camera already. :slight_smile: Haha

I don’t know when the new method will be available for testing but it’s chugging along!

For the outdoor cameras, they’re in beta and we’re still making improvements. We also look forward to having those ready for folks later. :slight_smile:


Please let me be part of that group because it’s raining a lot in Northern California right now and I would love to put the camera outside in an area where it’s not covered under an awning and I’m just really excited about that camera

I’m sorry, I don’t have more hardware to send out at this point. But we appreciate your interest!

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I doubt Apple will be buying Wyze…

“Given Apple’s deep interest in personal privacy, an acquisition of technology for handling AI on device shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.’s work could potentially be incorporated into future iPhones, improving Siri and other AI and machine learning-based tasks that are done on device.”

Why is that? The arguably have the most secure infrastructure and without argument the strongest consumer privacy protections.