An update regarding Person Detection

Yup definitely a person here. Wyze please fix this!!

Yeah I’ve been having the same issue before they used to let me submit saying if I seen a person or not but now when I press submit it just cements whatever it wants I just think you they need to fix the app because the new update is really not that good everything else seems to be working pretty good

No idea if this has any bearing, however some folks have reported issues with PD on Pan Cams. So today I replaced my Pan with a V2. I enrolled the V2 in the PD Pilot and we shall see how it goes.

I had the same issue today. Walked right by the camera with Person Detection as ON. but nothing recorded!

I’ve got Person Detection as ON, but the device doesn’t record anything!

Person detection really sucks right now.


It sucks because it appears that it doesn’t exist as advertised/marketed!

It is disappointing, however that said, it is also a work in progress

anyone else not getting alerts for person detection anymore? i have 2 cameras setup that get daily numerous alerts. but for the past 2 days, i’ve gotten absolutely none. even tested by going in front of the cameras myself and it did nothing. it was generally working ok before (as in it would at least still send me notifications, even if it thinks a car is a person.)

I’ve been getting them normally. It’s been mentioned before, but make sure you don’t have CMC and PD enabled for the same camera. CMC & PD are not compatible at this time, but Wyze is working on it.

i actually did go on CMC trial some weeks ago but discovered it removed person detection so i removed CMC entirely. i was receiving person detection alerts all week until the past 2 days. weird. gonna restart both cameras and see if that helps at least.

PD is enabled for both my cameras and CMC is disabled. PD was working pretty well when it was reincarnated, then it got horrible. It just doesn’t work now.

I don’t know what happened to cause this, but there are obviously widely-experienced PD problems that aren’t caused by user error or configuration issues. Is there any update on what’s being done to fix this?

For me i’ve had very little problems with person detection other then the annoying 5 mins notification cooldown, It works great for me and always detects people, when it first came out it did detect random things as people but I’ve always shared my clips with Wyze and ever since that they’ve improved it and now after their improvements and adjusting the sensitivity a bit it actually always detects people for me pretty good and not random thing. But… for the full release I suggest they try and do something that makes the Ai/Cloud receive the video quicker and not after the 12 seconds, so that way we receive notifications alot quicker like some other cameras out there, maybe with the addition of the hub for the outdoor cam they might have a quicker version of Person detection… who knows, that would be great. But overall PD works pretty good for me and happy to see how much it has improved! Can’t wait for the outdoor cam.

I would say that almost every time it says there is a person there is, however since the pandemic people are constantly walking by my house with dogs, bikes, stolers, etc. It caught me mowing my lawn today.
I guess it is because of the cool down period, but it still has never detected a delivery person EVER. If I have six separate dog drop offs and pick-ups, it may catch one or two out of the 12 events.

I rarely have anyone around my house, besides my family, and the occasional delivery. But, with the frequency of false alerts, I’ve pretty much started ignoring them. Which, of course, make the cameras useless if I can’t trust the alerts actually means someone is there. At least they were cheap.

Really wish they’d allow the iPhone app to be installed on AppleTV. Even better would be an app with a grid live view.

I rarely get false alerts now, at the beginning of the beta I did, not anymore. My camera is mounted on my porch right where the front door is.

Could just be the annoying cooldown, I’ve told Wyze multiple times i’ll pay for a subscription that removes the cooldown since the reason for there being the cooldown is because the cost for Wyze… :wink:

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My mind is too young to admit to any knowledge of what these photos show. In a more relevant example: All PNW based companies seem doomed to religiously follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates (like he is their GOD or something). Features trump reliability, and reliability is the secondary priority in selling beta software (economically justified by their God).

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Flawlessly but illegally (in theory; since xnor pulled the patented IP license when they severed the relationship with Wyze). Are xnor going to go after you or Wyze; probably not if there are only a few people like you and me. Just say thank you to all the folks who did the “upgrade” for protecting you and me and encourage others to do the upgrade to protect our flawless ability!

It has been about 2 weeks since I switched from the xnor detection to the new cloud based one. I have to say that it is actually working really great for me. My camera is pointing at my front door with windchime, moving shadows, plants, etc. Everyday I get about 20 to 40 motion detections clips and yet it detected all the ones with “person” in it. Well they are all “me, my wife, or my son” since no one else visited us, but still it detected us going out to throw trash, get mail, etc…

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