An update regarding Person Detection

Heh heee :hear_no_evil:

How do you figure? They removed it back in January and so far I’ve not seen an update adding it back.

There was an announcement here and on Twitter and elsewhere. Person Detection is now listed under Wyze Services under the Account tab. It’s still listed as Beta but is publicly available to all now.

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So far it does not work with CMC but works fairly well on it’s own.

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I was trying to find the announcement on here for you but my search foo failed me. Perhaps someone else can find it and give us a link?

This is the one I found, which was also linked above one other time.

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That came a little later but in essence says the same thing. :wink: Thanks!

it is back to the general public now but it is pitiful. the reason it still in beta

It is indeed still a work in progress. But on my indoor cameras that face doors etc Person Detection works very well. On outside cameras not so well, but then Wyze does say the sensors for these cameras are designed for indoor use not outdoor so I am not too surprised.

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It has been working well for me, I am just waiting for it to work with CMC

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Same here. It’s been working well indoors and outside. But lack of interoperability with CMC is driving me nuts. :upside_down_face:

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I have been have a lot of false positives with person detection in scenes that seem to have no motion at all. Mostly just shadow or tree moving but never a person or the shadow of a person. While it detetcts a person when there isnt a person there it also often fails to detect a person at all. Sometimes it will some times it wont.

I continue to submit all motion and person detections though in hopes those captures can be used to improve this feature.

Any update on when cmc will work with person detections?

I’m even getting good results at night… granted it’s a full moon outside right now.

I am about ready to bale on Wyze altogether. The lack of consistent person detection is amazingly frustrating. Notifications are a crap shoot. My wife and a friend of hers were in our driveway yesterday unloading stuff from the car, but no notifications or even a recorded event! Today, a cloud goes over the sun and changes the shadows on on the same driveway & NOW I get notification of an event!
On top of all this my View Playback feature continues to stop working for who knows what reason!


No product/service is perfect, but we should give Wyze the benefit of the doubt and let them follow-through these short falls. Even with the lockdown in place, I’m sure they’re doing what they can to meet their deliverables. Also, for a mere cost of $20, they are offering comparable services to that of some of the more mainstream brands, such as Ring and Nest. Find a Happy place, folks!

P.s. I don’t work for Wyze :wink:


We all just need to think about it they do not have a really big staff like Google Amazon Apple or anybody that really makes security cameras and smart home things their staff is small and they’re trying to accomplish amazing things at a very low price you should be grateful that you’re even trying we should all try to be nice to one another I had to cmc and I am using the beta version of the app and everything is working perfectly there are some hiccups yes but when you have a video submit what are you seeing a person or not to help their algorithm work better if everybody helps and submit what is a senior person or not then the algorithm will get better just like with the other person detection I need to be there and we had to submit what was the person that then I got really good I see great things with this company of you even better things with this company once they drop The outdoor camera I’ve been waiting for that since find my first camera with this company let’s just be good human beings and be nice to each other and try to see each other side of the story or situation

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At Last, Some sanity! :vulcan_salute:

For those that are trying to guilt us into appearing greedy or impatient because I’m considering alternatives to Wyze: My patience has been tested recently when my neighbors experienced a break-in & robbery just down the street. That’s exactly why I bought Wyze in the first place, but I go to check my Wyze camera and there’s no video playback! Why? IDK. I’ve brought it up a few times on this forum, but no response. Also, no notifications of person detection. Inconsistent Events, etc. My families safety matters, so I depend on Wyze to help out when we need them and to be dependable on a highly consistent basis.


Who’s that directed at?

Yeah, didn’t record anything all night until i got up and checked the app this morning. Then, all of a sudden, i get 10 notifications detecting movement.

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