An update regarding Person Detection

Is there any way to change the notification sound to be different between when a person is detected instead of just motion? I’ve had very good luck with the new person detection on all my 9 cameras with only one squirrel being incorrectly detected as a person. I’m on a very busy street and I have 5 cameras that view that direction and I get a slew of notifications from the cars.

And now we know why advancement on Person Detection has stopped. So much for tech work. I was being patient, following the emails and FB posts on the camera updates etc. Then I saw this. NOW I am disappointed in the company!!!Now I am furious with the company!!!

Wyze In Response

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I highly doubt they shifted their entire tech team to make or get masks… just saying.

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Person Detection was actually rolled out today. To everyone. Just update to the latest app and there you go.


Thanks, @rbruceporter. Yes, everyone can refer to the below thread about the person detection update.


Person Detection was NOT rolled out to everyone. CMC customers still do not have person detection.

There are 27000+ new cases of COVID19 is the US today.
Wyze is trying to distribute masks to help people.
I am not disappointed or furious. :slightly_smiling_face:


@jjb1, Person Detection was rolled out to everyone. But as you say, it is not compatible with CMC. Not yet. That’s the primary reason why it is still considered to be in beta. They are working to get CMC and PD to work together. But for now, you have to disable CMC on a camera if you want PD or vice versa. That said, you can have a mix of CMC and PD cameras in your account.


CMC and Person Detection have never interoperated. However Wyze has stated right here in this forum that they are working to do that. So now that they have released their new person detection they are back to were they were before XNOR cancelled them.

As far as everyone having it, I stand by my statement. If you choose to forgo CMC you will have Person Detection. In fact you already do on any cameras for which you have not subscribed to CMC.


Just to clarify something here your furious with Wyze for trying to help out during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Wow that’s pretty sad. I mean I’m happy that Wyze is trying to do their part and help folks out by selling hard to find masks. Personally I don’t care if Wyze is not putting person detection at the top of their priority since you know there currently a Pandemic. I’m just glad they are trying to help out here.


The cool down period makes Person Detection practically useless for me without CMC. Wyze should have prioritized person detection for CMC. The fact that they didn’t is ridiculous. I’ve offered to pay more for it and I’m sure there are others who would do the same.


Just to be clear Loki… You want me to point two cameras in the same direction, one with CMC and one with PD, so I can fill in the huge gaps that Wyze has left? No, I will not be doing that and the suggestion is ridiculous. Wyze could have already remedied this to some extent by opening up their beta for CMC with PD, but has instead chosen to keep it closed.

Person Detection and CMC did not fully work together before

Yeah, they are prioritizing PD to their free customers and denying it to their paying customers.

Not sure that’s exactly what @Loki said

I think the point was just have a few cams with CMC enabled and a few with Person Detection on them until Wyze fixes this. Also Wyze has already stated that the two do not work together so you should have just waited to update the firmware from the old version until Wyze made them work together.

PD currently works only with cloud events, and not with the SD card recordings. It is setup under the Wyze Services menu.

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@Jason21271 WE ARE AWARE OF THAT. WE DON’T NEED THAT REPEATED OVER AND OVER. But, since Wyze launched CMC and was concurrently working on their implementations of PD, you’d think they would have designed them to be compatible from the start.

Please be kind to our volunteers.

The person detection is still currently in beta. We are in early stage testing for CMC compatibility but I cannot promise timelines yet. This is a technology problem to resolve and not a decision to leave CMC subscribers in the cold, we promise.


Geez please calm down. For starters, you should not be mean about it with Wyze volunteers. Email Wyze personally if you feel like it. Again Wyze already stated this would not be compatible when they released the Beta version of Person Detection so… I get that’s it’s frustrating that these don’t work together but they don’t… so, there is really no reason to get upset because it’s not gonna make Wyze magically fix it I can guarantee you that.