An update regarding Person Detection

Thanks for the quick response…

Thankful for Wyze and the great communication.

Here’s the email I sent to

“I’ve used your product on my Wyze cam for many months. I submitted multiple videos to help improve your algorithm, just have you take my data and run. The way you pulled your product means that going forward I will intentionally avoid any product that uses your technology. Ending your contract may have been within your rights, but it wasn’t right.”


Yeah hehe I meant to say person detection but my fingers typed motion.


Thank you for your response, but what is the difference? I receive notifications that says motion detection that lets me know something has been picked up…

There are two types of motion notifications the app can send. It can alert you when something moves on camera. This movement could be anything – a person, a vehicle, an animal, a bug, a leaf, etc.

There’s also a feature that can send you a specific notification that the camera has detected a PERSON, rather than simply generic motion. This is the feature that is going away for now. A person moving on camera will continue to send a generic motion notification, but temporarily, it won’t be able to differentiate human motion from other motion anymore.



Thank you so much for breaking that down for me, sometimes I need things explained to me like a 3 year old and the way you explained it was spot on. I know exactly what you are referring too, I receive notifications when it is a particle of lint or my Christmas lights.


Just got email on this that the contract with the Person detection AI provider has been terminated. Were they collecting any data (for eg: feedback - when I confirmed that I saw a person or not)? if so, what happens to all our data that was collected? Who would see to it that any customer data collected by is deleted?

Sad, but in the meantime can you work on an irregular shape detection area so that I still get a notification when the paper kid or Amazon is at my front door rather than the tree blowing in the wind ?


If we are losing the person detection, how about Wyze camera detection window become more adjustable, Can we get the ability to make it smaller so we can watch and alert on a very small area of the window… Another feature, give us more than one detection window?


I sure hope Wyze segregates videos by user with a private key that’s decrypted by our Wyze credentials but maybe not. I’ll admit I haven’t read the fine print.

But in order to run post-processing on the vids, they would need to be able to read them.

SOON? 2020 can be 12 months.

Reasons which I was so excited about buying a bunch of Wyze cams is the AI features. It was not perfect but it works in most cases. So sad to see it s not going to support built-in AI :frowning:

Why don’t you update 12 sec motion detection to a full motion detection for existing customer to compensate the lost of this feature? @WyzeGwendolyn


Once again, two steps forward, one step back,
For ME person detection was a good idea but poor practice. For much of the time it was active my little old Samsung J3 was experiencing video lag of up to 24 seconds. Plus at my Virginia residence nobody came in the center field of view. So I don’t miss person detection.
But that lag was just solved with the new app and V2 FW, and broken with (the newest V2 FW). Once again I can see something on the screen and expect it is happening outside NOW.
Which can be very important when I’m using the cams as backup cameras.

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They will be implementing their own in the future, they have not said whether it would be local or cloud

Wyze owns all the videos that our customers submitted to us. XNOR is deleting the videos that they received and were using. However, we will keep ours to work on our in-house AI solution.


Thank you for confirming that


We appreciate this – I shared your message with the team and it resulted in grateful smiles in the office. :slight_smile:

We’ll release our in-house AI as soon as it’s ready (but no concrete date for when that will be). Thank you for your kind words!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Sean. :turkey:


You’re most welcome!

You can make the defection window any size by dragging the corners. I have both iOS and Android and grabbing the corners of the detection window is difficult for me on both platforms.

Wow and Ouch … How could Wyze be so un-wise and let this happen ? I was surprised when you released this that there was not a revenue stream . I am sure they came to you looking for revenue .
I have lost all confidence in this young company .
I am returning the 6 cameras I purchased for Gifts this year . I have been boasting to all my friends about Wyze since you enabled Person Detection . Can’t give these as gifts this year .
Also if the outdoor camera doesn’t have person detection I will have to make other decisions on my purchases .

I hope the marketing end cap material in Home Depot doesn’t have “Free Person Detection” on it .
Going to be a lot of dissatisfied people this holiday season when they open gifts .

In the interim when we are without Person Detection, reduce the 5 minute cool down period to 2 minutes or turn it off all together until you have Person Detection Back . And /or give us CMC for this period of time to retain loyal customers .

This is a huge blow . This is what happens to young companies that do not have
business savvy and forethought . Young tech companies are easily fooled when all they see or concerned about is the next shiny new techy thing - Got to have now - … Squirrel…

I have personally invested way too much time into these cameras and sensors . General public would not invest this amount of time and hassle . We want iOT devices that we plug in and setup (ONE TIME) and they work . Plain and simple .

I have spent many hours over many evenings resetting all of my contact/ PIR sensors and dealing with other connectivity and camera issues .