An update regarding Person Detection

Shhhhhhhssshhhh! I am in negotiations to buy Wyze! Don’t go tipping them off to how valuable they are! I think my current offer wow’d em! There was a clunk as they dropped the phone in shock at my generosity followed by some kind of audio artifact. Sounded sort of like someone laughing so hard they could not breath. Then the line went dead. So I am expecting a call real soon now!

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Oh, yeah. I think I was next to the conference room during that. Don’t worry, you’ll hear back from us reeeeeaaaallyyyyy soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soooo, you’re saying that Apple…one of the biggest companies in the world…will create special HomeKit rules that only apply to Wyze. Which would also reduce the number of their customers who subscribe to a pricier iCloud storage plan to get HomeKit Secure Video. :rofl:

Excellent summary. Wyze already attempted to get a waiver to adopt HomeKit, but Apple denied their request because of their arguably strict requirements.

It’s understandable why you’re attempting to apply a self-elevated sense of common sense to business sense but that doesn’t always make sense. Last everyone’s heard is that Apple isn’t hurting for money.

Just my two cents.

Yes. HomeKit requirements are strict. You said that Apple was going to treat Wyze unfairly. I say…really? Apple is going to pick on Wyze? Hardly.

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You know what, Wyze…I love you for being you. I know I’m not alone. You have some passionate fans. And…we can’t wait to try your own version of person detection software.
You made an excellent choice, partnering with XNOR.AI. But, they left. It wasn’t you. It was them.
You will be better without them. It will just take a little bit of time. This is the hard part.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

We understand why people are frustrated by this situation. We didn’t expect the partnership to end so early and this has impacted our customers. I can say that I am personally VERY excited about what I’ve been hearing about our AI version. :grin:


??? source??

Here’s one reference:


Here is another stating that they could not get the exception.


I didn’t buy the wyze cams just for the person detection, i went wyze for many other good reasons. i’m sure wyze will come out great from this situation , i’m not worried ,They still work a charm.
The only thing i would like now to be integrated is the option to control detection time for notifications, i would like to be able to set it at a minimum of 1 to 3 seconds before it triggers false alarms. Can be done via APP, that woukld be a no brainer for person detection!!


the short:

Please allow option to keep the new non-person_detection firmware as it is now. (for playback performance and stability reason)

I got all the playback (SD card and cloud) performance back with less crashes since the new “old” firmware.

the long…


1: Even without ‘person detection’ activated, there were playback performance issues since the it was introduced, Since the removal of the ‘person detection’ feature, my camera plays back from SD card (time scrubbing) and WYZE cloud much faster and without crashes on all my devices. Whether it’s a software bug or hardware resource issue, it has made my cameras and others I’ve setup for much less useful at important playback scenarios in the past few months since the “edge A.I.” feature was introduced. There are about 4 issues, and they fixed 1 after I submitted a bug report. That’s great, but now all of it has been fixed in the current non-person_detection firmware.

2, I would like to keep these extra processing and features away from the edge device and move it to the cloud or some larger central system (local hub/gateway). Since the WYZE camera/light system is cloud dependent for notifications and recording, It makes more sense to make a scalable A.I. processing option that’s not hardware limited and work with all the devices (lights, sensors, etc).

other thoughts
The only “free” feature should be security and stability, and that a lot to ask for in today’s IOT situation already. Sell sustainable service: stability and security, then micro features? hybrid model and power users? Create a “beta” program for “free” features? I like the free “time limited” features like the recent recording time.

I am not against the Persons Detection features, and can see it as very useful. In fact even more useful if was marked into the full recording,

Also, I would gladly pay if you made a PRO/Business version and a Gateway/IOT HUB and have it centralize sync with WYZE cloud, while keeping the current high performance of the cameras intact.


I think this is the first time I’ve seen relationship breakup lines applied to a business relationship. Please Wyze don’t rebound by partnering with Bing or Huawei :rofl:.


There’s a PBS series on computers, Gary Kildall is mentioned. Was afraid to sign a non disclosure agreement with the IBM reps. Lost the deal.

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Appreciate the honesty and being forthright about this issue. I’m a new user and have had a great experience so far.

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For real. You wouldn’t want all that protection?! Lol what?