An update regarding Person Detection

They did !!! It was the two legged one :sunglasses:

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I do miss that. I also miss the ability to independently control the IR lights and Night Vision.

It does, it’s strictly beta as it’s an iOS 14 feature but so far it has quickly learned my Wife’s face and mine as well as about a half dozen neighbors and visitors.


Hmm, that would reintroduce the glowing space bug problem I got rid of recently by finally turning off the lights. :frowning:

Edit: looks as if the Yis do have this feature.

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If it uses PIR detection bugs would be minimal.

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I thought they used PIR (The Eufy’s) and their big brothers do. But the 2K indoor cams use Pixel Change based detection just like Wyze.


If indeed you are right about the eufy being pixel based then it is pretty obvious that they have mastered it’s use much better than Wyze has… Just sayin.

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True. Their onboard AI is really very good. Everything I can find says the 2K indoor cameras are using pixel change as opposed to PIR. Initially I thought they were PIR but several people said I was mistaken.

I have not opened one up yet to be sure but I am reasonably certain based on the feedback.

Hair dryer running out of frame as a test?

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I believe that the Eufy onboard AI is far superior to what Wyze is using. There are way too many false alerts and mistaking birds, trees and animals for humans. Someday, I hope they get it right

Probably a hair curler, no wait… Not enough rug to mow… Shoot

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Good idea! Actually I am in their Beta program so I asked one of their folks. They confirmed the 2K Indoor cameras use pixel change algorithms and not a PIR detector.

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One of the Eufy cameras is in the exact same location a Wyze V2 sat. Every motion event the V2 missed, the Eufy gets correctly. For instance there is a fellow that walks his dog every single day by my deck. Wyze once out of dozens of times would trigger a motion event. The Eufy has yet to miss even one.

On the other hand I have gotten only one or two false motion notifications from the Eufy, usually wind blown foliage. In all cases the Eufy labeled it as generic motion not a person animal or vehicle. I used to get so many false notifications from Wyze I had to turn notifications off.

So I would say the Eufy on camera AI is equal to or better the XNOR.AI that Wyze was using. Being on camera the notifications are very fast. But by far the best feature is the facial recognition. Now I get notifications like “Larry has been detected on Back Deck”. Kind of creepy actually, but cool also.


And for what reason does the V2 fail so miserably by comparison?? I think that the AI that eufy either developed or licensed is one of the best on the market.

Great question and the answer is… it doesn’t fail. At least not for everyone. My Dad has 1 V2 camera. Just one. But it invariably and correctly catches every person that enters its field of view, through a window no less.

My Dad loves his “little scout” as he calls it. He told he would break my fingers if I touched it. He does get a few, very few, nuisance detections caused by shadows and blowing foliage but very few of them.

Why his works perfectly and mine did not? Who knows? I could never figure it out. Wish I could. This clip is from today.

Nice video, question… Is the window a little hazy or does the camera need the glass disk cleaned???

I think a little cleaner is needed.

Be careful… Daddy will break your fingers

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