Amazon soldi out cams !?!?

I wanted to order a couple of WCam V2’s, but they have soldi out and before some smart guy ssy’s they sell them on the wyze site ,i live in Europe , wyze doesn’t sell outsider the US. Looks like dell’ing numbers are growing!

Yes, Unfortunately, Wyze only sells within the US for now. While it’s possible to acquire the cameras from resellers in other places, the only authorized sales are within the US. Sales from Amazon resellers or non-US Amazon portals are not authorized sales. Since Wyze can’t offer full support, Wyze doesn’t recommend that non-US residents try to buy the cameras.

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Yeah but we still buy them !!

Sure. You just have to be aware that they aren’t fully supported. If you choose to buy them from unauthorized resellers anyway, that’s your decision.

Any word on IF they’ll be returning to Amazon?