Amazon Sidewalk

Do you have any plans to make the Wyze universe Amazon Sidewalk compatible? This would be most helpful for outdoor cameras that are mounted away from the house and your personal Wi-fi.

I also wish to know the answer to this question…

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Would be helpful to support Sidewalk.

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I would even turn Sidewalk back on if this were to come to pass.

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Sidewalk is low bandwidth, and would not be suitable for cameras.


Do not put wYze on Amazon Sidewalk or I’m ripping it out my home and storage warehouse immediately.
Is privacy not important to people anymore ?


How does Sidewalk violate your privacy? I get the impression most people don’t have a clue how it actually works.

Also, cameras can’t send video over Sidewalk; it is too slow (no more than 80 kilobits per second). It is only good for small bits of data, such as commands, status, readings, etc… The only reason some Ring cameras are part of Sidewalk is they can act as a bridge.

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Look it up then. After June 8th you don’t have a he option to opt out of Amazon sharing all your data, audio and video, with local authorities, they don’t need a court order - they can just ask Amazon for your data. And Amazon will give it to them

I’ve nothing to hide but my home life is private…


You’re incorrect about the law enforcement.

In rather long and overly technical language, the Whitepaper explains what data Sidewalk collects and uses. They assure us that:

  • Your data is encrypted
  • Amazon can’t access individual user data
  • Non-Amazon Alexa devices are restricted from unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Your individual location is protected
  • Sidewalk data can’t be subpoenaed or otherwise accessed by law enforcement

You may have gotten sidewalk confused with the Ring Neighbors app, which DOES provide info to law enforcement, but not without users consent.

Actually, you can disable Sidewalk at any time (see attached screenshot). Since Sidewalk only supports small frames of data for command/control and not a true full-featured Wi-Fi bridge device; adding Sidewalk support to Wyze devices isn’t very useful. Excepting maybe for things like the alarm system contact devices to check for door and window open/close events.


I’m happy as long as WYZE doesn’t join the network
If so. I’m out

That’s all

… sent from a soon to be extinct IPhone X.

Good to know if you’re in the Ring community which I’m not

… sent from a soon to be extinct IPhone X.

Wyze cameras have neither Bluetooth LE or a 900 MHz radio, so they couldn’t participate.

I suppose they could make their Wyze Scale a participant. :slightly_smiling_face:

Au contraire … The doorbell does

I assume you are referring to the 906.8MHz radio used for local connection between doorbell and chime.

I’ll grant that, but whether it can handle the protocol is another matter. After all, Zigbee radios are 2.4 GHz, but that doesn’t mean they can do WiFi or Bluetooth. Even among Amazon’s own Echo devices, only two of devices support 900 MHz:

The new 2nd gen Echo Show 5 & Show 8 models weren’t included in that list, as they shipped a day later than it was posted. I note, however, neither mention Sidewalk in their Technical Details section, unlike the Echo 4th gen and Echo Show 10.