Amazon Sidewalk question

I kind of would rather NOT have Sidewalk so I’m wondering if there is something that I have to turn off that might already be turned on. I’ve checked and can’t seem to find anything but I keep getting warned that it effects Ring cameras and I just want to make sure that it doesn’t effect Wyze ones.


It’s a global setting within the Alexa app (only). The Internet is riddled with instructions on how to flip the two Settings toggles required to disable it.

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Wyze doesn’t currently have any affiliation with the Amazon Sidewalk program so Wyze products aren’t affected if you chose to enable or disable it.

Here’s some information on how to disable Amazon Sidewalk:


But after the update won’t the Amazon Sidewalk just flip back on and you would just have to go back in and disable again?


Ok. Well I’m from Missouri. We’ll see because Apple constantly just reactivates it on the find my function. amazon isn’t above that either.

I’m speculating that Sidewalk may be removed by the end of the year due to backlash.

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Kill it. Kill it with fire.


If companies can do that why can’t they work on extending the range in one’s home? Not up the street or whatever but in one’s home.

Well guess what? Amazon is now saying that there is a possibility of people hacking into your wifi with Sidewalk as it’s in it’s early stages. See how much they lie? They say one thing before today and now they change their story.

Anyone can hack your WiFi already with moderate effort. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Unless you have open file shares on a server in your house (and with important private data and not TV episodes) it’s not that big a deal.

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The point is that Amazon changes their story all the time. I don’t trust anyone who lies and changes their stories as often as they do.

Who put trust in Amazon in the first place? They didn’t get it back. So losing trust now, is no big thing since they didn’t have it.

Only Alexa and Ring. Setting for Ring users (who aren’t linked to Alexa) is in the Ring app’s “Control Center”