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“Yikes”, really? This is a condemnable offense? The guys job is to deliver a package to the doorstep, and hundreds a day, the fact that he tosses it to the doorstep from a few feet away is really not worth shaking your head over. The OP hasn’t stated that the contents were broken, and I for myself am having trouble thinking of what might not be good to be tossed from a few feet away in a package that size (eggs, an unsecured, un-cushioned light bulb/hard drive?). In my experience the contents of the hundreds of packages I have received are designed and packaged to absorb such a small jostle. If something is broken or damaged—return it, I don’t doubt for a second amazon tracks what drivers are experiencing high return rates, so this guy takes a calculated risk based on the size and weight of the box. I bet some of these drivers have so much experience delivering packages and reading labels they can tell you the contents without even looking inside the box and without reading the label.

Now the fact that some people here are getting upset about it and implying the guy should lose his job by actually doing his job–delivering a small package to a door step, now that causes me to go yikes!

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They could care less, theyll just issue some sort of credit & move om. Amazon has gotten to big for its britches!



Depends on the item, as a packaging engineer I know how things should be packed & how damage occurs. Amazon is the WORST in retail shipping as they package everything the same way regardless of whats contained in the box & don’t get me started on the use of “bubble wrap” lined envelopes!

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Typical Amazon Logistics service for ya.
At least your package made it to ur home.
Most often, those incompetent fools put my packages on the public transit bus bench up the street from me.

Also, none of the embedded videos on this fourm show the actual video for me. Player is there, sound comes through, but video area is blank. I have to download video and play on computer to see.

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@SpeedingCheetah what browser are you using?






For a couple of years I worked at ups loading the package cars each morning. I can attest to that toss to your doorstep bring minor. Any package you send through these carriers needs to be packed in a way to survive a 10 ‘ drop or a 20’ toss depending on its weight or perceived fragility. You can imagine that SOMEWHERE along your package’s trip to your door, one or both are probably going to happen.
The workers that handle our packages are usually under pressure to take such shortcuts. I’m more worried about them leaving my packages exposed to weather or easily spotted by thieves.

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What exactly does everyone think happens to packages during shipping??? These people are handling gazillions of boxes a day on an impossibly tight schedule, and they are tired and probably sore. All boxes get tossed around all the way to your houses. It’s our responsibility to pack fragile items appropriately. Fools talking about how this poor guy should be fired. Come on, People.



It doesnt matter really if its damaged goods or not. It could be stickers in the box. The thing is the mishandling does lead to damaged goods when if they are safe handlers nothing is damaged. This is just simple laziness. Its not about being offended. Its about watching and catching lazy workers. And careless workers. Imagine if that package had life saving insulin in it instead. But they just threw it carelessly like that. It breaks and now the person has to wait a week for another shipment to be sent out due to someone being careless. It shouldnt matter what is in the package. It should be handled professionally. And not carelessly.



Also for the people saying this is no big deal. This is exactly why its a big deal. Just because these people handle thousands of packages in a week or day doesnt mean anything should be done carelessly. Yes there are accidents during shipping and thats why fragile things are packed the way they are. Not so that these lazy workers can throw things around. Making an excuse for them is just as bad as them throwing things.

Also what about non replaceable items shipped. Not just Amazon but Ebay. Or you sending your mothers heirloom that cant be replaced. They toss it cause you over packed it for security and thus leading to them thinking its not fragile. Now your precious memory is trashed. Or some collectible is thrashed. They arent paid to throw packages. They are paid to deliver packages safe and sound. Yes things do happen. But they arent supposed to happen. Laziness and excuses have turned this world into what it is. And this guy should be fired for not doing his job correctly and to the best of his ability. Just the same as someone cooking your food should not let it burn.



I work on an incredibly tight schedule, and I am insanely tired (Fun Fact: Not only do I work 40+ hours a week, and then go on call every 4th week … but I raise three kids, manage a house with all the trimmings of that fun-ness, AND am currently remodeling a second house. It feels like I haven’t slept in 20 years) but at work, when i have to handle the customers who feel like a gazillion of customers all wrapped up into one person… I have not yet taken the short cut and thrown them across the patio. Because, like it or not- I signed up for this job. And if going those extra 10 steps to ensure whatever is in the box is delivered in the same condition it was loaded into the truck is too much to ask ----maybe someone is in the wrong career.

As @Urbnized said, it doesn’t matter if its damaged or not. Its a matter of respect- for the property of others, and for your job. So many this time it wasn’t but once they decide to take this shortcut with every package- it really only become a matter of time before something does get damaged.



@laura Said like a true pro. And its called integrity for those who dont have a clue.

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If something is fragile it should be marked as such. As the former UPS worker stated above, it is a generally accepted that packages should be packaged in a way that they can withstand a 10 foot drop or 20 foot toss–depending on size, weight and fragility. To call someone lazy for tossing a package onto a doorstep is a bit of a stretch.

This is really just classic First World Problems. People are upset about their almost instant delivery of something they probably didn’t really need getting shaken up a bit…and god forbid–broken, with the agony of having to return and wait for a replacement.
PRICELESS Again, fragile items should be labeled as such and packaged appropriately.

Perhaps someone here that is offended by this can start a delivery business focused on putting a bow on top of all packages delivered at the doorstep…employees will line up for jobs and vendors will rush to use your service. hahaha



Im seriously confused by your lack of concern for things like this. First off its not first world problems. This happens everywhere. And when I ship a package no matter what it is I dont expect it to be tossed at all. And the guy that used to work at UPS I wonder why he doesnt work there anymore. Could it be because of tossing things. I understand things happen. But at the same time they arent meant to happen. I spoke to my UPS driver in the video about this the other day and even he said that how he does it is the way its supposed to be done. Along with the current delivery person above @laura. So its laziness in their job that has them doing it. Otherwise they would do their job properly and someone wouldnt have to return something that they may need.

BTW its first world to assume everything on this planet is just renewable instantly. Some people dont like the thought or fact of the constant millions of products just being returned on a daily for simple dislike or for the persons own carelessness. I work in retail and see the amount of damage that comes back and the waste from that damage. But its all just plastic junk right. How about the person delivers it right (not in an accident type thing) and we waste less money and everyones time doing the job right. Thats such a concept. And this hasnt really gotten off topic about the thing that was captured on Wyze. I wish we could capture more of this on Wyze so we can do a compilation of videos like @Loki said. This is a serious problem that is a topic for discussion and to share their personal videos and show how wyze can capture the actions of the lazy. Lol



The “first world problems” refers to the people making a “problem” out of their almost instantly delivered gadget/product getting harmlessly jostled by a toss to the door step and demanding the package handler be fired. Google search “first world problems” for a better understanding on the phrase.

You state: “This is a serous problem”??? Like I said–First World Problem. For me a serious problem is starving people in Venezuela with no place to turn…but, alas, us first world people can get bent out of shape because our well packaged, unharmed $800 iPhone was tossed 7 feet, and we are upset why??? because someone else could deliver it better? If something is fragile, it should be packaged as such.