Am I seeing my Neighbors home on MY Wyze Cam?

I just clicked play on a recorded motion event that happened in my bedroom at 3am and the very first split second I see a quick flash of a room that isn’t in my house. I of course have a password for my Wyze account and have not given it to anyone AT ALL. It looks like it’s a glitch, but it makes me wonder if someone else can see MY room. I don’t know if this room belonged to a neighbor nearby or someone else far away. Is it possible for someone to hack into these Wyze cameras? I have never used the cloud for my Wyze cameras, but I use my internet connection to connect, run and to view my videos on the Wyze app. And yes, my internet account also has a restricted password. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if Wyze knows about it.

PS: I just noticed that I also see this room (that doesn’t belong to me) when I clicked on a date in the event recording tab. It’s only for a split second, but it happens every time I click on a date - any date. Hmmmm

Can you capture a screen grab of this so we can see what you’re seeing? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Wyze was using an image of a generic room as a thumbnail for events. This may be what you’re seeing.

As far as someone accessing your camera: does your Wyze account have a strong password that you have never used anywhere else? One way hackers get into things is one one service has a breech, they obtain that info and try the same email and password on many other sites. If you are reusing passwords, you are vulnerable to this.

BTW, if you are viewing events on the Event tab in the app, they you are using the Wyze cloud. These 12 second clips are stored in the cloud.

That’s my thought. I would like to see the generic rooms replaced by a black screen so when I’m flipping through things at night, I don’t get blinded by some bleached out full screen white room. It would also cut down on these types of concerns and threads. Isn’t one generic room a kitchen and another a living room with a sofa?

In the current beta, the generic room thumbnails are replaced by camera icons. Unfortunately, they will still be pretty bright. You may want to vote for this if you haven’t yet:

Been there, done that. I have to think the Wyze employees are so tired of using the software in the office during the day that they really don’t use it the way we do or else they would be running into the same issues.


Thats bizzare.
I juts checked my PanCam’s and Cam’s recorded snippets under “Events” and I don’t get any “ghost rooms”
Just out of interest, are you in an apartment or house. i.e. How close would any neighbours be ??

@BJP Is this what you’re seeing? This is what I see momentarily as I swipe through events. The only way I could even capture it was to enable Screen Recording on my iPad, record a few seconds and then save a frame.

Oh, ok yes, I also see that thumbnail before any captures are updated with the first frame of video.
It’s just a thumbnail. :ok_hand:

Hi, Yes! That’s exactly what I see. I couldn’t get a snapshot of it. I didn’t know it was a thumbnail. Thank you for clearing that up. I LOVE my Wyze cams (4 total) and never have any issues with them. I feel better now knowing that I’m not seeing someone else’s home. Which means no one can see mine. Thank you!

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