Alternative Wyze Bulb sizes and types: recessed, fan, chandelier, mini, etc

With the new colored bulbs coming out it would be great to see some brighter ones. A21 bulbs are a little bit larger than A19 bulbs but it’s typical in some of the brighter bulbs on the market.

Including GU10, light strip, etc.

affordable a12 candelabra bulbs woukd be amazing. especially if you could get them 75 to 100w equivelants. Using some generic 60w equivelants and they just 1. dont get bright enough and 2. their some generic brand i cant do much with. Hook us up!

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Please create BR-30 sized bulbs. Most newer construction uses these instead of the traditional sized A-19 bulb

I live in an older home. The downstairs family room has two sets of T8 Florescent Tube lighting that I absolutely hate! If I owned the place I would tear them out and replace them with decent lighting… but alas I’m a renter so that is not possible.

I know there are LED replacements for the tubes, but I would much rather get a smart replacement… perhaps with RGB Color!

It would be nice if it also did not require a Ballast Bypass.

Would like to see PAR or BR style bulb products suitable for CAN lights. I’m mainly interested in intensity and white color-temperature control; others may be interested in color control.

Suggested bulb type: I think I helped get this topic going. I do lighting for a museum. Many have asked for bulbs such as the BR 30, PAR30, ETC. These and GU10’s (which are usually MR16’s) are usually installed in a “Can” type fixture on a track or in a recessed “Can”. For a bulb (assuming Wi-Fi control) there are two problems. Heat can be a problem. This is the problem with MR16 LED bulbs that replace halogen bulbs. For them, I found a fixture that provides mostly open space around the bulb but still have a number that keep failing after warranty. With PAR20 LED flood lights I use the same type fixture that allows air flow and they have been working very will with no failures. PAR30’s LED bulbs also seem to work well with no failures yet.
The other problem is Wi-Fi electromagnetic wave attenuation (signal reduction) caused by the fixture metal that contains the bulb. This is a problem I am dealing with currently with a number of Wyze bulbs. I expected the problem and am in the process of modifying the Wi-Fi in one building that should support the control ability of the bulbs. Remember, the Wi-Fi signal from the bulb has to get to your Wi-Fi device (called the Access Point).

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Any sign of movement on this? I’ve got a dozen BR30’s and possibly some BR40’s that’ll need replacing soon. I’d love to buy a Wyze version, but if recessed Wyze bulbs are still a long ways off I’m going to need to find an alternative.

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I hope those are indoor/outdoor floods. Color, preferably…

Yes… I love LED bulbs, but all the ones for candelabra are dim with maxing out at 60w equivalency. I don’t need 75 to 100w equivalents for everything, but the ceiling fan in my living room, which utilizes a12 base bulbs drives me crazy because it’s not bright enough… and it takes three or four bulbs. If Wyze could produce an a12 base bulb with 75w or more equivalency I’d be throwing my money at them!

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Don’t know if it’s a solution for you, have you considered an adapter in the meantime!

Would love to see a low profile soffit light to use as accent/security lighting around the house. Similar to these that come in 4 and 6 inch diameters. …