alternative shipping options



Can you please offer different options? I do not know what deal you have with UPS mail innovations expedited… but there is nothing expedited about it. I mentioned this on my last order. Just for funsies, this time I asked a friend of mine in Seattle to ship me a package that matched your last box dimensions and weight… after I received confirmation from you…via USPS… guess which one came in the mail yesterday… guess which one hasn’t arrived yet with no tracking updates since it was shipped.


Gee, you previously post profanity filled rants and now you’re asking for help? I guess you’ll now send another 'eff off post.


I’m sorry did I in some way indicate I required input from you? If I did please disregard and retain all opinions and thoughts concerning this topic to yourself. Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter. Again, I apologize if I gave the impression your input would be desire or valued in any fashion. Have a nice day and please, f*ck off.

[Mod edit: removed profanities]