Allow Wyze Chime to be accessible/triggered for alerts from ANY Wyze device

People don’t always walk up to the front door - would be nice if ANY Wyze cam (not just the doorbell) could trigger a (selectable) tone on the chime when motion/sound/smart detection event is detected. Would also be helpful if one could buy additional chimes and treat them as one device group so they could be placed in key areas (e.g. garage, basement, pool deck, etc…).

The chime would be instantaneous if within the same WiFi network and thus much faster than the text message notices which are often delayed 30-60 seconds or more and require that I have my phone in hand at all times to read the text messages. (unrealistic).

I came here to make this same suggestion but thought I’d search before submitting. So I’ll piggy back on this :slight_smile:

In addition from instantaneously informing the whole household (via one or more chime modules) if an (unexpected) person enters the property, I would also love if one of the chime sound options was a dog bark sound. I’d basically set it when I’m away so people within my yard, approaching my garage or home would hear a dog bark.

A snooze feature would also be required so when we’re playing in the yard or doing yardwork, we can snooze it for X number of hours and not have to remember to re-enable it later. Would also help with an on/off schedule for those who might only want this feature at certain times of the day.