Allow user to disable vibration on touching Wyze band

I am a big fan of Wyze products, and I received the band a couple weeks ago.

One thing is really preventing my continued use of it – I hope that this function can be turned off someday.

Any sort of prolonged press on the front button causes the band to buzz and come to life, and that’s fine.

But in addition to intentional presses, the buzzes happens when I fold my arms (one arm touches the button), and–more annoyingly–when I am sleeping.

Is there any way to make the band ONLY react with a swipe or a double-press? The button-press action is happening by accident 90% of the time. Or can I turn off the vibration?

If not fixed, I don’t think I can continue wearing the watch. it is driving me bonkers.

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Completely agree! I really like the wyze band, but the issue above is a real problem for me as well. I’ve now moved it to my right hand (usually wear it on my left hand),. This solved the crossing arms issue, but it feels weird.

The other issue issue where it loses connection with my phone and latches on to someone else, very often I’m not sure whose phone. I have to factory reset the band to get it to reconnect, and I lose all my unsynced band data.