Allow user to control SD card recording settings



I would like option to select the length of time video is recorded to the SD card when activity is detected.

As it is now, I get one minute or continuous recording. Let me choose 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m for example or enter the time I desire.

There is no additional cost to WYZE since the recording is local on a user purchased SD card and not to the cloud.


I think an explanation is in order here. In Event Only mode, you are not limited to 1 minute. The SD card will keep recording in 1 minute intervals as long as motion continues. I don’t really see the value of recording for another, say, 10 minute after the motion has stopped during the 1st minute. Do you have a use case for that?

Or perhaps you are asking for the size of the file segments to be adjustable? Let us know if that’s the case. However, if so, I doubt you’re going to see that change as the 1-minute segments are integral to the design of the firmware and are involved in the caching of video before it is written to the card.


Yes I have a case for recording longer and feel it’s critical if the cameras are being used for security. I’ll give one example.

Say you have a camera watching your driveway and the detection zone is set to a narrow field to eliminate traffic on the road, birds flying by, neighbor dog, etc. Your real interest is detection zone. Highest sensitivity. A car pulls in and stops at xx;xx;55 and no further movement in the detection zone. You get 1 minute of recording showing the car pulling in and stopping at the end of the minute segment. When the car leaves you get another 1 minute of recording. In between the two 1 minute segments, activity outside of the detection zone is missing. Was there another car stopped on the road? Was there related activity outside the zone?

IF I could record 10+ minutes I would know.

What I don’t understand is as a user I pay for the SD card and only have two options to use it. 1 minute segments or continuous.

The segment length should just be a caching variable in the firmware, I don’t see how it would be integral to the design.

Thanks for your help, just trying to help make a great product even better!


Longer file sizes would require more memory usage in the camera to store the longer cached segments before they are written to the card. That’s how it affects the design.

But you aren’t really asking for bigger files. You’re just asking for more 1 minute files to be saved after a motion trigger. The detection zone reason for that makes sense. So I’ve moved this topic over to #roadmap so you and others can vote for it.


Thanks for that explanation. Makes more sense now. I wasn’t thinking about memory in the camera to store cached data before written to the card.

Yes, more 1 minutes files would do the trick! :+1: I’ll take 10 more 1 minute files!

Thanks for helping me figure out what I was looking for. :wink:


You might also want to take a look at:


That would be a nice additional feature too.