Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers

I saw the wish list for allowing a camera to turn a bulb on then have that bulb turn off after so many minutes. Having a schedule of when that rule is active would be very important.
I have some Wink bulbs and plugs and I do that exact thing. I would like to be able to replace all of that hardware but Wink still has some nice features when it comes to what they call robots.
For example.
Robot 1: Between 11pm and 6am if the living room motion sensor detects motion the robot turns on the kitchen lights.
Robot 2: Between 11pm and 6am if the living room motion sensor stops detecting motion for 15 minutes the robot turns off the kitchen lights.
This enables someone to get up in the middle of the night for water, snack or what ever and not mess with the light switches. Which in the past meant it was on all night.
If we have people over and the party goes past 11pm the kitchen lights stay on because there are people moving about in the living room.

I hope that makes “sense” and lets people know I am “Wyze” and makes them want to vote for this!

Have a great day!


I have set up my Wyze motion sensor to turn my Wyze bulbs on and off. However, I don’t want the light bulbs to turn on during daylight hours and it would be great if the Wyze app was updated to do this. Fixed times would be okay but dusk and dawn for my nominated location would be even better.


In the meantime, I have my wyze bulb on a lamp connected to a smart plug so that my bulb only turns on during certain times at night. It’s not the most elegant solution because it requires 2 smart electronics when one could do the same. I have it so that the bulb only turns on via motion detector at night. Hopefully they will still be able to add the wishlist feature though.

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Would like to see the ability to have the brightness and/or K values scheduled during certain times of the day or with the trigger of the motions sensor at certain times of the day; for example in the early morning have the bulb triggered via the motion senor in my bathroom to turn at a low brightness vs in the afternoon at a high brightness.


I could really use a time/light based feature for my bulbs.
I want them to be switched on by the motion sensor or door sensor ONLY if it is dark, after sunset. I don’t need the light during day time.

switch light on
do nothing

Other option

switch light on
do nothing

Speak of time, AM/PM time display is annoying for someone who is used to military time (which is standard in most of the world but US). Having the possibility to set the schedule using military time would be nice. OR let the app check how is the time set on the phone.


I would be nice to have more flexibility in creating rules/schedules for the door sensor and the motion sensor. I have a motion sensor in my kitchen that turns on the lights, I want to use it instead of a night light. If the rules would allow it to be active during a time range, that would be nice. I also have the door sensor turning on a light when open. It would be nice to have those work on a schedule so I can have it turn on at night when I arrive home, but not in the morning when I leave home.

Actually depending on the camera setup, light/sunset/dark state (time could also help getting that) could be triggered if Wyze take out the state from the camera’s in-built light sensor


Yes, Yes, Yes, PLEASE!

It is in development…so stay tuned! :slightly_smiling_face:


You know, I thought I caught that out of the corner of my eye as I hit reply. Thanks for the response!


You’re welcome!

Ability to set a specific time where the motion sensor or cam can turn on the bulb

Would be great to know - how soon? I bought the bulbs and sensors thinking the Wyze automation could already do this. Received and set up yesterday - shocked that something like this isn’t able to be done efficiently within the app.

Welcome to the community, @johnny92! If you can be more specific with what you’re wanting to automate, we may be able to assist you a little on this. In the Wyze app under "Rules’ certain automations are already available. Also, Wyze is currently working on improving the Schedules and Rules and hopefully this should be available in the very near future with another app release. :slightly_smiling_face:

Schedules & Automation Support Page

Yes! Wyze Bulbs can be automated through the Schedules and Automations feature in the Wyze app, allowing crossover with all other Wyze devices that have a trigger function listed. This includes the Sense products (open/closed/motion/clear), as well as the Wyze Cams (motion detected)
This means that you can set up a Schedules and Automations to have your Wyze Bulb turn on when your contact sensor is opened, then have another Shortcut set to turn it back off after a set period of no motion detected in the room.

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I’d be willing to bet he’s trying to [insert title of this thread].

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This would be awesome

As an alternative, I simply created another trigger that if the door stays open for more than 10 seconds, all lights turn off. so when I leave the house and all the lights turn on, I just wait 10 seconds and they all turn off. When I return home, and open the door, if I want the lights to stay on, I make sure I close the door within 10 seconds. Not the best fix, but it works…

Yes, luckily we have a few options and flexibility for these workarounds! Thanks for sharing.

You might be interested in joining the beta group if you’re not already… :smirk: