Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers

This would be awesome

As an alternative, I simply created another trigger that if the door stays open for more than 10 seconds, all lights turn off. so when I leave the house and all the lights turn on, I just wait 10 seconds and they all turn off. When I return home, and open the door, if I want the lights to stay on, I make sure I close the door within 10 seconds. Not the best fix, but it works…

Yes, luckily we have a few options and flexibility for these workarounds! Thanks for sharing.

You might be interested in joining the beta group if you’re not already… :smirk:

That’s a good thought and idea, although most people usually want lights to turn on before the room gets dark enough to turn the IR mode on. However, if the light sensor reads varying light levels on a scale of say 0 to 100, then theoretically it could be programmed to let you choose the sensitivity level that you want your lights to not trigger on and vice versa.

And… here’s the #wishlist topic for that:


Cool, thanks!

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This is in testing now. I think it’s available in the beta app.

Yes it is …one of my shortcuts was updated to the new system as well.
Looks to provide everything I wanted… Great job… Thanks

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would be great if you add calendar days to event recording in order to target specific in the week. Am sure many users prefer to not record while they @ home. For example weekends. Thank you

Welcome to the community, @amd121. I have moved your post to this one. The feature you’re looking for is currently in testing. :slight_smile:

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Would be nice if we can complete this but I don’t see anything in rules :frowning:

If motion sensor is the kitchen and when there is motion I have it set to turn in the kitchen lights. But how can I say if there is motion turn on the kitchen lights but after 9 pm don’t turn in the lights if there’s motion.

Are you running the beta? I do not know if it has made it to the main line build

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You create a device trigger and enable time.

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I don’t think I am. Where can I get that from and would it help?

Thanks for helping me out it’s greatly appreciated and wished this was an option.


I don’t have the time option on tigger. Is that how you have it? I’m using an iPhone. Do I need to be in beats for this option? Is so how can I get it.

Note the tag at the top of this topic says “testing”. That means it’s in beta. When launched in the production app, it will say “launched”.

Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap

How to join beta:

Please be aware that beta software may not be stable.


Thanks. I will join the beta family.

I’d like the ability to define a trigger that only goes off during a certain time range. For example, I have a contact sensor that turns on a bulb, but this is useful only during evening/night, and just an annoyance during the day.

So ideally there would be an option to add a time range during which the trigger is active, like maybe 5pm-7am. Fixed start/end times would be totally fine to start with, but it would be even better if the time range could be defined in terms of sunset and sunrise, with an optional fixed offset – in my example, I’d set the trigger to be active 60 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise.

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