Allow multiple devices to be controlled by a single Schedule Rule

Prior to the changeover from Shortcuts to Rules, a single schedule could be used to control multiple devices. For example, you could turn on/off multiple cameras with a single schedule shortcut. Those rules were imported (grandfathered) into the new Rules architecture;

However, there is presently no way to create a new schedule rule that controls multiple devices. Please add this to the Rules feature.

Yes this. I can’t believe we lost this feature. It’s now a mess to try to schedule things and I can only imagine how bad it would be if you have a dozen or more devices. I actually signed up just to figure out why this option has changed for the worse.

I’m a new owner of 8 cans and a slew of sensors. So i didn’t get to see what got deprecated. I think it be even better if we could just 'call a ‘rule(s)’ that we’ve already created and execute it/them in a schedule…like I used to do in 24 years of enterprise software programming.