Allow more than 1 Wyze watch of same size per account

Why is there a limit???

Liking the bigger screen, I bought a pair of 47’s - one for me and one for my wife - the app now says it only supports one-of-each-watch at a time so … I can have a 47 and a 44, but I can’t have two 47’s or two 44’s??

Please support multiple watches on one account.

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This is a must have! I have 3 of the watches. I know it’s beta, so it’ll come soon enough, but we can have multiple cameras, so we should have multiple watches.

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You can only allow ONE watch per account and need to create a new accounts for the additional watches.

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You can allow one of each size.

Gonna post my response from another thread here.

"Just got my 2 today. One for me and one for my Dad. I have an account and set up all our camera’s and everything on it. We both have separate phones and apps but when I go and try to set up his watch on his phone [totally separate from mine, other than the account] it yells at me you can only have one watch linked at a time. Burns me up too, we’ve been waiting months for these and you can’t have two watches on the same account? Come on! Ugh!

Going to have to make a whole separate account for him now and share all the cameras and everything and hopefully then he can sync his watch. What a hassle that makes no sense."

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I just got two Wyze watches for my twin boys. They love them but they’ve been a real pain to use. One complete blocker was that I had to create a new wyze account on my wife’s account just so I could set up the second watch. You can’t have two watches per wyze app… ridiculous. how do you expect two spouses to have watches and still have access to all of the cameras? my wife has now been cut off from the rest of the devices!

Almost as bad as making person detection a complete rip off with a per camera charge.

My wife and I both got the larger watches - we created a new account to put her watch on, and shared the cameras to it - now both accounts have full access tho the cams and can control pan on our pan cam —- Warning: if you have 2 phones on one account - remove Bluetooth devices from the phone they are connected to - things get awkward if the watch is booted from the account by /not it’s phone/

I know, this was my issue as well. You can add Wyze Watch 47 and 44 but you can’t add two of the same model. I created another account and shared our cameras with the other persons account. A bit of a pain but hopefully Wyze can fix this problem.

I just got the Watch 44 for my wife and the Watch 47 for myself. I have several other Wyse devices already configured in my existing Wyse account and I pondered whether I should just set up both watches in my existing account and log the Wyse app in on my wife’s phone under my existing Wyse account, or whether I should create a separate account for her. I decided to just use my existing account (perhaps laziness?). I added both watches to the account, installed the app on her Android phone, and all has seemed to be just fine for the last couple of days. However, today I happened to discover that with both watches configured in the same Wyse login it won’t let you have seperate “personal info” (sex, weight, height, etc) for each watch. Change that info for the Watch 44 and that info now shows for the Watch 47. Since my wife and I are (thankfully) quite different in size, that just doesn’t work.

I am going to create an account for my wife, delete her 44 from my account, and add it to her new account. And then share the other Wyze devices from my account to hers. But it would be a lot simpler if multiple watches in the same account could have ALL of their own individual information, including the personal information.

Be sure if your watch is paired with your phone, and her watch is paired with her phone even though they are both paired with the same account - use the paired phone (her phone) to remove the paired watch (her watch) from the shared account Before you create her account.
WARNING: if you delete her watch from your phone, it gets awkwardly orphaned … still thinking it is connected to the phone though the account no longer sees it :flushed: