Allow knob control of temperature, but disable the button

The Lock mode disables temp control, but still allows the button to operate and change settings.

While there are other wish requests to also disable the button, this request is to disable the button only, but still allow temperature control.

This can be useful when someone wants the simple ability to change the temperature, but doesn’t want to change other settings by mistake.

It would be nice to allow partial lock of the thermostat device from the app so that people can still adjust the temperature from the device but not to exceed set limits.

I need this because the Wyze thermostat is used in an AirBnB unit. Guests need freedom to adjust the temperature but not abuse the HVAC system. This is also good to prevent family members / kids to accidentally change the settings or set the temperatures to levels that may damage the HVAC system.

Desired feature:

When partially locked, people cannot change the HVAC mode, but are allowed to change the temperature within certain limit

In Heat mode, have a upper limit so people cannot set temperature higher than this
In Cool mode, have a lower limit so people cannot set temperature lower than this
In Auto mode, have two limits: heat upper limit and cool lower limit

Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E have this function. I believe Honeywell smart thermostat also have this function.