Allow home monitoring setting (home, away, disarmed) to trigger a change in the notifications settings for cameras, motion sensors and environmental sensors

When I set my alarm to “away” then I want to get notifications
from motion sensors, cameras and environmental sensors, and the when I disarm

I totally agree with you. In any system I’ve ever had, the only time you even knew you had a motion sensor was when you armed away. The rest of the time there were no notifications. The same with cameras.

To make it worse, put a camera into the picture. you are deluged with pictures and notifications even when the system if disarmed.

Had to use rules to stop notifications of the motion sensor and to shut off the camera in order to stop all the nuisance pics and notifications. Just a note, even with the rules the motion sensor still send a notification that its clear. Go figure
This is not the way to fly if you leave during day and arm the system