Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

Hi, I live in Europe and 2 weeks ago I purchased 4 Wyzecams V2 from Amazon.US (receipt available). They work great and I’m in love with Wyze App, but I realized I need battery powered cameras for my application (despite they come with super long wires and 110/220v power sources), so they are up for sale. They are practically “as new”, but I understand I need to knock-down price a bit. If anybody is interested please let me know, I will ship anywhere at competitive rates. I accept Payapl payment if you need “buyer protection”. Or I can list on Ebay if you prefer to buy via Ebay. I guarantee they work flawlessly. [Mod Edit]

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Wyze has been around a while now. They have made many successful products and it would be nice to see them available outside USA.
In the past I have ordered my Wyze products from Amazon and they shipped it to me (I am in the UK) but recently Wyze does not put their products into Amazon. Make it impossible to get them.
I have been contacted Wyze for years now for this option but still no step forward as made yet.
If you guys still not interested to sell your products outside USA at least upload all your products to Amazon so for some extra tax we can order it.


Infrastructure is there…called AMAZON!
Do not make excuses please or just say it outright you guys do not interested at al outside USA.

Hi Wyze, your amazon seller page is just getting smaller and smaller… Now there is only the 2 cameras and facemasks to order.

Wyze peaked around one year ago with firmware. Amazing!!!
Since then just disappointment after disappointment. Nothing to order outside US, Crappy app updates and cringe firmware, forced into a paid subscribtion.