Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

Same problem, feels a little absurd. I read on twitter that Wyze were concerned about offering the sense products separately on amazon because it requires a camera to plug the gateway in. I honestly don’t see how this is really a problem, a bold note in the title and description solves this problem instantly.

I love the products but its literally 70 dollars to get a sense starterpack where I live (Netherlands). I want to set up my whole house with products but this way its almost undoable.

I live in Ecuador and I’ve been using a Wyze Cam v2 for almost a year. I consider those devices great gadgets and the service that Wyze provide quite useful and easy to use and configure. I’ve even tested the CMC service right when it was launched because that was one of the features that I was missing from the beginning. Now, I’m ready to subscribe to the CMC service but I don’t live in North America…so, it would be great if the Wyze Team considered extending that service to other regions of the world.

Thank you for your work and commitment to your customers.

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Hi, was wondering what you payed for the service? for like a Sensor kit.

Hi, I can’t recall specifically but it was in the order of £20-25 pounds - although the second time I did it it seemed to cost more because the sensors I corporate lithium batteries.

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I am not happy as I have the Fanq Cam (Square for 3 years). I imported them into Australia at $24 AUD (Note this not USD) at $$7 AUD freight from China. Since that time it is completely in English in the app as is the firmware. So I paid this back then. Your company decided to import them in the thousands into the US. Your importing of a great Chinese innovation of electronic has become success story. Your modifications of the firmware are very good. But other parts of the world like here in Australia are NOT supported or have access to your products which are marketed in new firmware in the US. To make matters worse there are now four globalised versions of this Cam - two in the States. Now I have to go to the Chinese manufacturer of the Cam to UNLOCK the MAC address to use them. And they reached out to me and fixed it. Please in fairness distribute your product to Australia through channels available to you. This is just not right - you are selling millions of these cams and making it bad we the users of this cam as very early adopters. I suppose the bonus for me is that for under a $1,000 I brought up big on the correct Chinese Smart Home products. They are just becoming mainstream and the costs of these smart products like a movement detector costing $10AUD Zigbee in 2017 now is $32 AUD. I have it all working under Goggle Home/Alexa/Smart Things. I am here to support your products in Australia. You NEED to go to a community support model like Smart Things. And you need to distribute globally NOW and stop putting it off on with we CANNOT do. WE cannot do. We cannot do.


This is a huge disappointment. I see a cool smart cam on youtube and I immediately look for a way to purchase SEVERAL items but ONE BIG PROBLEM --> shipping outside the US is not available.
You know what, by the time you guys finally allow shipping outside the US, you’d already have tons of competitors that people might not even know what wyze is anymore, especially with F@&*# chineese cloning skills. I’m supposed to be rooting for you guys, but your products are hard to come by, so i’ll check alternatives for now.

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Well, you are missing out on a great market.
The EU alone is one big market customs wise and has more than 440 million citizen.

Why on earth would you want to exclude yourself from that potential business?

Growth like that requires a lot of infrastructure to support. When we branch out, we want to make sure we can do everything correctly. Not saying it will go perfectly when we do but we want to do our best to make sure it’s a good experience for all of our customers. We’re not ready yet. :slight_smile:

Many of us are looking forward to be able to buy your products in Europe
Please, don’t make us wait too long


Be a bit more “Agile” and let it be “tested” in Europe - i.e. do enough for it to work and the rest will come later - I am happy to help if you need it.

Best wishes,

Any Chance this happening IR in development phase? Resellers price are ridiculous.

Please start shipping to SA, they currently ask $120 for ONE outdoor Wyze Cam and similar stupid prices for your bulbs, indoor cameras etc.

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I bought my original Wyze Camera while living in the USA and fell in love with it and then moved to the UK. The first time I realized that something was amiss was then I couldn’t install the Alexa skill after changing my Amazon account to the UK. I still get your emails and love all the new gadgets coming out. I am really really looking forward to add more of your devices to my collection.

You have great products and more people want them!

Hope to see Wyze shipping to EU soon :slight_smile:
already have 2 Wyze Cam’s V2 and a Pan cam + 4 light bulbs… (ordered via Amazon US).
but as amazon US is not selling all products, even when selling it is with higher price, it will be better to order direct from Wyze website :relaxed:

Wyze, you rock :slight_smile: Keep on going

The title says it all. Surely you can get together with Amazon to ship your product to or from Canada (only 150 miles away from your office to their largest Canadian warehouse)? What about showing some loyalty to all of your Canadian supporters that supported you from DAY1?

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To add, Not only the first supported from Canada, but also from all over the world (in my case, The Netherlands)…

It will be fine by me to order it via, but then make all products available on this platform. But i guess it will be better, for your sales numbers, to sell from your website directly… Hope this topic will be transferred from “Wishlist” to “Roadmap” soon…


My big wish to Christmas!

No new hardware. Only sell you wonderful staff outside the US!!!

I bought a Wyze Cam while in the US for my parents home and set it up there. Fell in love with it - great software, easy setup and surprisingly price - blew away my expectations on how easy home monitoring could be. So I had big plans to buy more for my place here in Germany, but disappointed to find out that it’s effectively not available in Europe. What is on is sketchy - some people reporting it’s not a real Wyze Cam, and of course it’s almost 4X the cost. What is available is aNeo Smartcam, but not sure I want to get into another ecosystem.

Anyway, I’d be happy to help beta test in EU and suggest Wyze get a foothold in the EU (before others do for their own sake).