Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

HD BC had V3’s and doorbell cams available for about 5 minutes last night. I managed to order a doorbell and by the time I got through the checkout the v3 and doorbells were not available again. Just waiting to see if I get the shipping confirmation email now.

4 Likes is starting to get V3s. They were available for a very short while today before quickly selling out. Price per cam was $37.37 CAD.

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Good news. I sent an email to petsmart Canada a few days ago. Got a reply. They thanked me for the suggestion about carrying the V3. They will be ordering them. It may take a few weeks. But as they are an authorized retailer for WYZE in Canada, they are ahead of HD in an established relationship with WYZE. :+1::grinning:.

Can you also asked them for the video doorbell? Oh I almost forget… They are petsmart… But, worth a try no???

Does Wyze know? They’ve never announced it. :slight_smile:

Sure. My dog lays on the front step. Surveying her domain.

You know there are smart pet doors? So why not?

I’m Canadian and could now buy on in US dollars which converted still came out much more cheaper like almost half the price for V3 outdoor cameras. I just bought two (V3) on for still cheaper then buying one on the site.

April 9

Does Wyze know? They’ve never announced it. :slight_smile:

Cheaper to buy. Plus shipping and then you get nailed at the door for brokerage fees to the tune of $30 or 40. So not cheaper.

$85 CAD at for the v3.

Wyze Cam v3 1080p HD IndWyze Cam v3 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera with Color Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa & The Google Assistant, and IFTTT

Way too high.


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Yeah but that’s not the real price. That’s the price currently set by resellers using Amazon. When Amazon Canada briefly had their own stock, their selling price was $37.73. Cheaper than Home Depot and ordering from Amazon US.

Edit: Always make sure you see that it says “Ships from and sold by”. Otherwise, it could be a reseller. That’s the case with the V3 listing on Amazon there right now. Amazon’s own stock sold out between 11:45 pm and 1 am (eastern) on Wednesday night.


Does anyone know how a Home Depot Store is able to get any stock from WYZE to sell? I live in the Okanagan in BC and I have yet to see any stock show up at the 3 Okanagan outlets. They are always '“OUT OF STOCK”. I think it should say “We never have an WYZE stock”. Does WYZE even know that Canada doesn’t stop at the Ontario border?

Wyze has not announced any authorized resellers in Canada at all yet.

Ummmm. Yea they have. Pet smart and Home Depot.

There hasn’t been any V3’s at any of the stores around Hamilton. I’ve been checking every day but if you read earlier in this thread you’ll see that someone got at least one from a HD in BC. I guess the Canadian border ends in BC?

Where? I’m not doubting you, just haven’t seen it. You would think @WyzeGwendolyn would post in this thread.

Kelowna has had stock (barely). I have picked up one V3, and a set of plugs in store. I have also seen outdoor cams on the shelf, but they were gone after a couple days. The other V3’s I have ordered online and had delivered to the store. Right now there just isn’t stock avail to keep up with demand. So you have to be on it to grab stuff when it does show up as you only have minutes / hours before stock dries up again…

What was your process to order online? I can’t order anything from HD as they reject your attempts to order any V3’s.

I just leave the sites up on the computer and will randomly check the status when I am cruising the net, I have seen them become available on and off but can be out of stock again within minutes, Missed out on a couple chances.

Best time does seem to be around 2 / 2:30am pst when they do warehouse stock at night. I’ve gotten in a couple orders in around that time frame.

Who nails you?? I’m Canadian and have been receiving my V3 outdoor cameras bought through which already charges you the import tax up front. Got no charges after at all. In most cases the items even after the exchange rate is calculated, it still comes back cheaper then buying on
Plus why wait for HD in Canada? Just get them like I did.