Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

I am almost 66 so don’t blame me just because I have snowshoes… 6" or 15.24 cm is no laughing matter and if you refuse to plant your seed potato’s, at least someone is willing to do the work… Besides, I hate to put on my parka and toque for nothing so challenge accepted!!! I have my US bought cameras up and running, although they may not track you if you are dressed as a moose… Just the same, if you try and melt my igloo with a blow dryer we may have to apologise to each other, so being a proud Canadian, I will be the first and offer my sincere regret and remorse with regard to the potato issue even though it wasn’t really me… :canada::canada::canada::canada::canada::grin::grin::grin:

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What were we talking about? I forget…

I am an Albertan…you know, the province our dingbat refuses to acknowledge!!!

So back to the topic… :=
Received my sense starter pack from amazon Canada… Will install over the weekend. Plan to install on garage door and cam inside garage…

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I am in BC and would let you build the pipeline… I apologise for all the troubles.

Good luck on your install, hope it all works out!

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I want videos of the seed thief :nerd_face:

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@james, I apologize for my slow response in response to your slow response! I actually have lost my phone in a snow bank before and that was MISERABLE. Eventually you just have to give up and do something else.

(My Canadian buddy has been giving me some crash course information about Canada and awesome Canadians lately. Though I was already a Trekkie! Brandon now has me watching a show called Letterkenny.)

The bus tour idea is a good one… I call dibs on hosting the booth! I want to meet my Canadian buddies! :smiley:

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I know it’s short notice, but if you could fly across the country and be In Niagara Falls next Sunday to set up a booth I’ll be first in line. Bring a bunch please - my kids are home for the summer (ok, maybe I exaggerated about the winter coming already :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) and I have to track their every move.

Unfortunately I just found out today that I’m going so not enough time to order the cameras for pickup at a US postbox, so if you don’t show I’m going to have to settle for buying some contraband weed killer instead.

Hey James, I buy contraband weed killer in the US too, I miss mecoprop! Happy Canada day to all! :canada::canada::canada:

John Taylor

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Hey TK, looks like you have all the toys and are ready to go! Have fun!

One word: Amazon

oh, I bought my Wyze Cam/Sense on Amazon. I thought they are a reseller for the Canadian market

Are there any updates on direct sales and warranty for Canada?

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It has to be a work in progress, the literature/instructions that came with the bulbs included French…

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How do we getting these products online to a Canadian address?

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Possibly from ordering through Amazon. Or possibly now. But the products arent officially launched in Canada. That is coming later this summer supposedly.

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Any idea when it will be launched in Canada?
so we can order from Wyze directly

I hope we can order straight from wyze app and have it delivered to Canada.
Now that would be great !