Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

Yeah honestly wasn’t too bad and Shippsy was awesome. Plus can’t go wrong with a free $10 credit for referring.
I will just grab more when available to switch out my V2’s. need another 7 so can’t wait. My doorbell is on the way soon also

great call out, thank you. My only concern with that product is that the site provides zero information around security.

I have googled Teckin cams. They’re rubbish. And the only comparison vid of them is done by Teckin themselves. That says a lot - no one wants to waste their time comparing Teckin to any other brands.

Every now and then I check and see which Canadian sites carry Wyze (Amazon, Petsmart, Home Depot, etc) for the V3. Check out what I just stumbled upon:

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What store?
Doesn’t really matter I guess, there’s no stock. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like a homedepot Canada page.
EDIT: Just checked. It is HD Canada.

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Thanks for that. Been checking as well every so often. Hopefully it means we’ll have access to local stock eventually, and Canadian warranties!

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Daifeichu called it.

and while, yes, it’s labeled as not available in store or online, it’s still a promising sign of things potentially to come as they’re not going to waste their time setting it up on their site if they’re not going to be selling it any time soon.
In the mean time, we’ll wait for the update @WyzeGwendolyn mentioned the other day. Something tells me the two are related in some way.

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Brace-up Canadians…Wyze is coming soon to Home The product page is up and a friend on night shift said they unloaded some inventories and would be on the shelves when told to do so

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Looking forward. :+1:

Looks like it might be Feb 23rd! As the estimated delivery dates shows that in the ship to store option.

Almost $50 a piece in Ontario w warranty.
Oder direct from states and average $40 but no warranty

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Good catch.

However, here it has no estimated date.


Seems the date is only on the HD app. I went to the website on my computer and phone and it didn’t show any date. Hopefully the app’s date is correct.

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I checked my iPad HD app. Still no date. I wonder if it is regional. I am in the prairies. Are you in in Eastern provinces?

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I have worked at a company that sold product to THD. The population of the web page can be 2 to 3 months on advance of receiving the product. Do not hold your breath on this.

Yes. I’m in Hamilton. I’m using the android app. Just checked again and it’s still showing Feb 23.

I’ve done a lot of online shopping at HD this last year and they do have a lot of products on their site that they do not have in stock. I guess we’ll find out in a few days if that date is accurate or not.

EDIT: I just did some searches on the android app for items that they do not have in stock right now like saw blades, lights and caulking. They all say Feb.23

I’m in the far East.
Shows Feb. 23-1 for me too. Not sure what day 23-1 is, 22?
Android HD app.

I think it is February 2023 - 2100, they just locked down it will be in a February. Only 2 more years … or 79.


Looking forward to being able to buy these in Canada. Definitely want more cameras and the vacuums.

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