Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

I wish Wyze would just officially sell through Amazon Canada.
I doubt I would buy through Wyze directly even if they do get their %&$# together and start selling in Canada. As it is they seem to have a lot of issues supplying and delivering in the US.

I think the Unifi options look interesting but they all seam to be hardwired and do not mention any type of encryption.

Any update for this yet?

I bought all mine from Amazon.
No issues
Warranty? They are 40$ if they fail I’ll buy another. The 15-20$ shipping cost these days would not make sending them back for warranty worthwhile anyways.

Besides amazon has a return policy if they fail Early on.

They would never succeed in Canada if they charged $15-$20 for warranty returns.
As I’ve saud before, I wish they would just officially sell through Amazon. I have more faith in Amazon than Wyze as far as shipping and warranty.

Canada Post charges 15$ for small packages… wyze wouldn’t pick up that charge for you to send a cam in for warranty repair.

Amazon handles returns well right now… would it be much better if the Amazon seller was wyze them selves?

Amazon give you a 1month return window.

Some of my cams are a few years old. If they fail I’ll just buy a new one. I wouldn’t bother shipping and waiting waiting for repairs. Besides at most you would have 1yr warranty.

Do you think USPS ships free?
You and I pay $15, large businesses do not. Amazon for example.

The other thing that is not clear with that message from @WyseGwendolyn is if they would sell through or if they will create a canadian portal (e.g. or if it would even be through a third party portal like Amazon. How would we find out when the products are available and where to get them from? Would they send an email to all members of this forum?

I think somewhere buried in this thread there is a discussion of a distribution partner in Canada. One of the hold up was a tour because of Covid, But in general, information has been very limited.

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Yes, the information is very vague and I get why they have to do it like that. I just wish it was sooner rather than later but with everything that is going on, I don’t anticipate it would happen before the 4th quarter of 2021.

Hi guys. Just letting you know that if you are in the wyze facebook group, that there is an update about this. They might update us next week.

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That is very useful thanks so much! I am guessing the name of the Group is Wyze Canada Users. Or is it the Wyze Core Community?

can you share that post

Wyze Core community. I made a post asking about update. Then gwen replied there.


Thank you very much for reaching out to them. AND following up here for the sole benefit of everyone else. You rock.

Now… here’s to hoping for a prompt and positive reply!

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So just got my wyZe cam v3’s shipped from the states to Canada. Nice to see French on the manual and other spots. Assuming Canadian launch is soon!

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How much was it in CAD$?
Delivery fees?
How long did it take?
Did you order directly from Wyze?

Yes directly from Wyze. I used re-shipper Shippsy : Shippsy

Order 1: 3x Wyze Cam V3 = USD59.97, 2x Spotlight USD19.98. Shipping USD14.76. Tax USD7.58. Total USD 102.29

Shippsy cost: Handling fee CAD6.99, tax on fee CAD0.91, CBSA Duty CAD1.58, CBSA Tax CAD13.91. Total CAD 23.29

Order 2: 3x Wyze Cam V3 = USD59.97, shipping USD11.06, tax USD5.68. Total USD76.71
Shippsy cost: Handling fee CAD6.99, tax on fee CAD0.91, CBSA Duty CAD- nil, CBSA Tax CAD10.28. Total CAD 18.18 minus $10 (Shippsy referral) so 8.18.

Delivery from Wyze within about 4-5days. Got the email from Shippsy on Thursday PM, submitted the info required and item was in Canada on Monday noon and paid for.


That’s not bad. They only ship to Toronto though.
The second order would be $38.60 CAD for each V3 shipped and taxes in. That’s less than they would be on Amazon.

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