Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

It’s laughable how entitled some people in this thread are. You aren’t “owed” anything. There are plenty of products that aren’t available to other countries and I know people will reply to this saying how Wyze has said they’ll enter the Canadian market and haven’t yet and blah, blah, blah.

As others have said, a business takes care of issues/problems/opportunities based on priority and unfortunately selling within Canada hasn’t been the top priority but it’s obviously on their radar based on the progress that’s been seen. If Wyze loses some business or potential business then so be it, that’s the beauty of the free market, some other company will benefit instead.

Whining on a public forum is incredibly petty and honestly embarrassing. Or to quote a previous post, “disgusting”.

There will be no Ketchup chips or Smarties for the US until we get Wyze cameras. So there. :grinning:

Ughh ketchup chips and smarties are awful. You could say those are terrible bargaining chips :nauseated_face:.

That’s what forums are for, voice concerns and share opinions, you should be grateful you were able to share your disgust as I was mine.

You’re not great at negotiation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’ll have a chat w/ Justin (Mr. Trudeau) at the national BBQ next week aboot making sure All Dressed chips get taken off the export list too then.

Now hush, or Letterkenny will be next!

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God can’t stand those ketchup chips…
Just make sure Dunkin donuts never make it up to Canada too…
Love our Tim Hortons…
I’m over the Wyze Cameras…
Going to go watch CNN and hear them beat up Trump…

With three Wyze products I’m a fan, but it’s disappointing not to be able to get Wyze products quickly in Canada; and a bigger problem than it appears. ships Wyze products to Canada and Mexico, so Wyze could sell directly if it chose and increase market potential by 50%. Aspects such as server capacity etc., noted as reasons not to expand, are insignificant compared to this potential. The fact this is languishing and not a priority is telling.

There are other supply chain problems as a result. Wyze scales are $81.67 on, four times the price on Wyze’s web site. Nobody’s a buyer at that price (NB: USD, adjusted for exchange and delivery - actual list is C$128.15). Clearly Wyze are not in control of its downstream product delivery chain.

Limiting direct mailing means Wyze is missing out on one in three possible sales. The EU is double the North American market. So the current limited direct sales only accesses 35% of the potential from these markets alone, i.e. one of every three possible sales, in aligned, accessible markets it’s products clearly sell in. Ouch.

The current approach also makes Wyze dependent on a sales and marketing chain with pricing they clearly don’t control, losing further sales and market share, and opening the door to competitors. only carries a fraction of Wyze’s products and only slightly more on This is a management issue and decision.

The priorities are clear. Wyze chose to expand their range rather than consolidating their lead with cams, spreading thinly to innovate and develop products, but without deploying them to the broadest possible market to consolidate market position and spread fixed costs over larger volumes, raising per-unit profit margins. This is a technology preference where marketing and business management are secondary priorities.

There are other signs. As funding for Wyze servers comes largely from sales, not solidifying their lead, and not leveraging their existing customer base, makes Wyze reliant on continual invention and new products to fund background servers, service and support. If this continues it could become a weakness that affects US owners too, if Wyze stumbles. This is where companies often fail.

So while some might say “so what” about failing to serve Canada and Mexico, in truth it hints at a company with underlying challenges that could affect everyone. Question: if Wyze fails tomorrow, will your products still work?

Not without intervention on our part.
You can keep the V2 and Pan cameras working with 3rd party RTSP firmware but everything else reqyires a connection to a Wyze server, as far as I know.

Got another email from wyze that once again I wished I hadn’t clicked. Buy a scale at 10% off for only 17.99 + shipping. Seems reasonable go through the process (just like I tried with the vacuum) no canadian shipping.

Check amazon and disgusted to see a 3rd party vendor for $124.

Unsubscribing from these flyers so I am not reminded about how well the US market is treated and how badly Wyze has screwed up for supporting everyone else and lets us get sharked by 3rd party sellers.

Great job and good PR for your company losing control of your supply chain outside of the US, It will serve you well I’m sure.


Anyone can sell snything on Amazon. It has nothing to do with Wyze.
You should be aware of that for future purchases.
For example, a coworker bought a JBL Bluetooth speaker. A couple months later she had a problem with it. That’s when she discovered that the seller was not a JBL authorized dealer, so, no warranty.

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For now it sucks that CA isn’t their however I put it in perspective. Life is short to keep waiting for something to happen. If and when it does, great. Otherwise oh well I’ll just use a reshipper.
Ps I’ve been as eager but won’t loose sleep over it not being available yet


There were tons of promises that Wyze is planning to sell in Canada, nothing has happened yet! its been years. its honestly so frustrating to have to pay 3 times the price for some products and also not have any warranty.


Just curious if there has been any headway on this?


Well Wyze found a warehouse here in Canada, but that is about it. They said they were hoping to have more news in the first quarter of 2021, but we will see. With everything going on in the world, I doubt it, plus they have not been able to meet delivery timelines in the US. We will have to be very patient or get things in the US.


Your latest email tells me that you have some Can3’s for sale. If you EVER get your problems ironed out to your “Northern Neighbours” as you refer to them, I could take you up on your offer for a Cam3. I don’t like to sound negative, but it seems to me that if your really wanted to get the Canadian Market activated, you could find a way to do it. I have been a member for about 2 years and it still HASN’T HAPPENED!!.


I, too, have been waiting on Wyze to sell to Canada. However, I am beginning to think I need to head a different direction with cams for my home. I cannot begin to pour money into cams through Amazon with no warranty whatsoever. Let’s go Wyze…get this sorted!

I think I will go a different direction as well. Maybe we can put this blog to use and come to a consensus an alternative product. Any suggestions on alternative door bells, pan cams or basic out door cameras? thanks.

TP-Link just dropped a bunch of new affordable devices at CES this year. Might be something to look at.

I have been looking at Ubiquiti Unifi G3 Instant.