Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

Yes what has happened since October 1? has the V2 on for $29.99

I wonder if they are dumping them to bring in the V3? :slight_smile:
Hope so.

Just remember that as of now, is just a reseller, and not officially Wyze Canada. That’s a good price, but there is no Wyze warranty support for items purchased on so if that’s not important for a $30 item, then ya, it’s nice to see someone offering good prices on the v2

Yes, this is true. I assumed most people familiar with this thread would know that.
There really is no option to buy Wyze with warranty in Canada.

Why not go with Home Depot? There everywhere in canada and you already have a deal with them it seems!

Home depot canada does not carry wyze.

The only Canadian retailer is Petsmart and they only sell V2 cameras.

Is there warranty for Petsmart purchased cameras?

I would assume PetSmart honour a warranty.


Actually Wyze honored it BUT wouldn’t mail to Canada, so I mailed it to a friend in the USA and they are enjoying it…

Can’t wait until they sell in Canada!

This is killing me. My list has this on it right now.

  • Wyze Cam V3 (4 of them plus MicroSD cards)
  • Wyze Doorbell (1 of them)
  • Wyze Plug Outdoors (2 of them)

…and so I wait.

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When are Canadians going to be able to buy the new wired Wyze cam V3

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Latest guestimate was 1st quarter of 2021, so I personally think maybe around March, but that’s only my Guess based on Wyze general timeline statement from October.

Dear Wyze, I am a happy long time customer of Wyze cameras and recommended many friends to buy Wyze products, but we are sad and frustrated for the long wait to access all the products in Canada. Please provide a time line if possible. Thank you.

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Wyze will never respond to this question !! )))))

No response is a response.
They have no news.

Wyze, why do you taunt me so???


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See? They’re working on it. Two words in two years.

Is that lipstick?

The product sold at Home Depot in Canada is Wiz, not Wyze.
Just so you know.
Have a nice sunny day!

Welcome to the forum.

@dominicdaigle is saying Wyze has a deal with HD in the US so why not Canada.

It’s disgusting how your treating your Canadian customers!

December 27

Welcome to the forum.

@dominicdaigle is saying Wyze has a deal with HD in the US so why not Canada.

Thanks. :smiley: