Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

Reading up on this product.
One needs Alexa or Echo…
Does it work without that kind of system?

@Shep, Wyze products work without Alexa or Google products. Thanks for checking! :slight_smile:

For everyone else, we are sorry. We ran into a snag with Canadian shipping and it’s being pushed back a bit. We’re still expecting it to happen this year and we’re working on getting it up and running as soon as possible. I’ll post here when I have more information I can give you.

You are personally forgiven as I get mine shipped to Baine anyway; however, I cannot speak for the other 15 or so Canadians with electricity… :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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I was just joking with @WyzeBrandon about how much more rural Canada can get compared to America. I believe he used the words, “The Deep North.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Just one word… Ozarks… right @wyzebrandon ? Lol…

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Exactly. Also on the roads up there can be summed up in two words; “Surprise Moose”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That sounds like the worst surprise.

Vehicle vs. Moose - Moose always wins…

Us Vancouverites here are going to get Deadpool to “help” you guys out!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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WyzeGwendolyn…A guy keeps breaking into my house. he manages to get my garage door code then once inside, picks the lock going to my house. I saw something that would Alert me if my garage door was opened on SeeJaneDrill… How to get something like that? What bugs me is that i am totally not-technical so if your product is really that easy, then send me some stuff.

@Shep Until Wyze gets Canadian shipping going (predicted for later this year), then I think your only option is to find some way to ship to a US address and get it forwarded to you. There are some shipping companies that provide this service.

That said, if this is recurring with the burglar, I’d sure be trying to figure out how they are getting your garage door code, assuming you have changed it.

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The WYze kit (camera + Sense) appears to be available on for those interested.

I apologize if this is inappropriate, I’m not affiliated with Amazon at all other than being a customer.


Thanks… Placed Amazon order just now… Got prime $5 discount as well.

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Well, there are worse ways to go! We always wanted to meet Deadpool… Thanks for your help, Crash! Dang bandicoot. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shep, Loki covered everything I would have. We’re sorry to hear that you’re in this situation. :frowning:

Ordered Wyze ‘starter kit’ from Amazon.

Sure hope i can get it set up properly.

Can’t wait for this to be available to Canadians directly. Will be ordering a sense kit and a whole bunch of sensors, possibly one or two more wyzecams also, and another motion sensor.
I can’t order directly from Wyze at this time, and doesn’t appear to sell only the sensors, I would have to buy a whole kit including the camera.

buying the kit is better than nothing for sure. I hope one can add more sensors at a later time.

Sorry for the slow response but I dropped my phone in a snow bank and couldn’t find it until the snowplow came and cleared the street enough for me to get to my neighbors snowblower. If only I had that wyze cam to watch a playback to see where the phone went …

(I do like how you managed to get a sideways reference in to an iconic Canadian with the Star Trek call out).

I read below that you ran into a snag with the Canadian deliveries. I’m starting to think you might be better off to arrange bus tours from Canada to a US border town where you can have a Wyze booth set up to sell some merch. The reverse is done to bring US seniors to Canada to buy cheap prescription drugs - don’t see why we can’t return the favour for some good value Wyze stuff. :grin:


We have put our sled dog teams away for the summer. When the ice gets thins out to 6 inches, we call it summer.

About shopping across the border, it would be grand to do that; however, our dollar would take a proper kicking in the states.

When I get my starter kit, can you / will you (all) help me get it set up?

Latest theft is that he got into my garage again and stole a bag of seed potatoes. He is 61 years old! It is not like either one of us is kids any more; he just needs to prove what a jerk he is.