Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

Let me start by saying we love our Wyze cams. What a great company. As a Canadian I was very excited then very disappointed to learn the Wyze Vac was coming but not available in Canada. WTF. I was even more disappointed to learn they’ve been working on getting a Canadian distributor for 2 years! Sorry but repeatedly saying it’s coming soon is poor customer service. I would love a Wyze Vac but without any confirmed date I went and bought a competitors vac. I was prepared to wait but Sorry Wyze but you just lost my business. Just ordered a Eufy.

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Agree. It is like telling kids that there are candies on the table but they can’t have any…

Yeah I really don’t understand why they can’t open up for pre-orders and just make the availability date later for Canada then the US. Doesn’t make sense.

… unless Wyze really isn’t confident in their Canadian plans …


Wyze Outdoor Camera…NOT available to Canadians.
Wyze Vacuum preorder…NOT available in Canada.
Wyze smart lock…$208 CDN on Amazon Canada (almost twice US price)!!

Wyze interest in solving the Canadian access to Wyze products…0%. (8 months since last update and no progress!!!)

They last said they got a Canadian warehouse, that’s big progress my guy, Apparently aiming for January 2021…

…and that update was only 2 months ago, not 8

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But that’s way less dramatic.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I can’t buy a Toyota Hilux in Canada either.

Where did you see January 2021? Everything I’ve heard is estimating early 2021, which by Wyze’s history with timelines, could mean we’re lucky to see it in first half of 2021, more likely to slip to later 2021, early 2022.

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I stand corrected, I accept your comment that the last update was 2 months ago rather than 8. Who knows, however, when the Canadian outlet will actually appear. In the absence of Wyze selling its full line of products in Canada, I also have to note that Amazon Canada has added the Outdoor Cam and is now offering better pricing than on this and the 2-pack v2 camera. In fact, if you consider import duty and currency conversion, the Amazon Canada pricing on several items is arguably better than even the pricing. The only problem is that Amazon Canada has a limited number of Wyze products available.

Remember too, Wyze products from Amazon Canada have no warranty.
I don’t care for the V2 cameras but $100+ items, I want a warranty.


But I’m sure Wyze isn’t actually Wyze and is another reseller. So the issue with warranty is still an issue, or am I missing something here?
Thank you

The reasonably priced Wyze items are sold by Amazon directly.
Wyze is supplying Amazon US which is supplying Amazon Canada.

Supposedly Wyze has asked to not sell their products but that seems unlikely. It’s a win / win for Wyze. They still sell the products without warranty obligations.

Make that 5. I have a Blaine mailbox, so usually not an issue… but COVID. I really wanted a few of the headphones for Christmas gifts. Oh well.

I don’t mean to be “that guy” but this Canadian would really like to be able to preorder that vacuum. Maybe? Pretty please with maple syrup on top?

I’m looking at 2x v3 camera’s, 2 plugs, doorbell, thermostat and maybe add-ons…

I’ve been holding off since September and the more they add, the more I want, however I’ve been looking at other brands lately as I can’t get across to my US shipping address.

If/When they open this up, I’ll be dropping a few hundred on items… pitter patter

Joe from Windsor, ON

Oh cool, I’m in Windsor too! If it wasn’t for COVID19 I probably also would have ordered some wyze stuff to a US address and gone across the border to pick it up. Really looking forward to the Canadian shipping next year.


Just received another insulting email from Wyse today flaunting all the products that are not available to Canadians. Still really hoping they aren’t just stringing us along with this “next year” story that was quietly thrown out. Fingers crossed. I guess they know we are polite chumps who will sit there and take it. :slight_smile:

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They’ve been saying this for 2 years. I moved on and bought a competitors product.

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It will be 2 years come March that they say they’ve secured a warehouse and shipping and yet nothing for us. I guess I’ll be moving on also.

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No, it hasn’t. @WyzeGwendolyn announced it on September 30, 2020.
Notice the reference to COVID-19?