Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

Oh look the new vacuum comes with a V3 cam now when you pre-order. Just keep rubbin it in Wyze. Just keep rubbin it in.

Can we pre-order for pre-availablity in Canada? You can ship my goods to me sometime in 2021 when you decide to formally acknowledge our existence.

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I so agree with this. The launch of the vacuum with the price increase and now the free Wyze 3 cam, hand in hand with Wyze’s significant delay of bringing Canadian shipping feels like a slap in the face to us Canadians.

When they finally do get around to launching Canadian shipping we are going to miss out. Just like we missed out on the free bulbs and all of the other promotions Wyze has done.

With all of the issues with the cameras lately added to this, it makes me want to drop Wyze all together and just find something else. Frustrating to be a supporter of Wyze for quite a while and to feel so ignored.

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I’m fairly sure Wyze will have promotions to go along with their Canadian grand opening. :slightly_smiling_face:

Im sure they will, but I somehow doubt it will be as good as these launch promos going on right now.

This ridiculous all ready, more and more products and we are unable to order them like we live on some foreign planet. How can you be in business and not ship to Canada. All you have to do is drop it in the USPS mail just like any other item your selling. I don’t know of how many hundreds of dollars I would have spent by now but you won’t sell to us.

[Mod Edit] of long time Waze customer!

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Any update since your September Post? Really want to buy the Wyze vacuum for a Christmas gift.

v2’s on sale on today and so is the pan

Those are not officially supported by Wyze because it is a reseller.

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Yea Not supported, I had one Die on me and Who has time or even a PC to be able to FLASH them when it’s broken! Hello, consumer products. They can keep them until they support Canada and sell here with full coverage!

Oh and V3 is coming out, Would need DEEP discounts to buy those now! =0( provide the warranty, have had to replace 2 over the last 14months. Again only if shipped and sold by which they are in this instance

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It takes less time than getting an RMA#, packing up the camera and going to a shipper. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can prepare a micro SD for flashing with your phone.

I really wish they spent as much time getting shipping to canada as they do releasing new products lately…

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Selling existing customers another product is easier than trying to supply a foreign country.
Imaging selling US products world wide? Ridiculous. You’d never see that. Well, maybe a couple of times, Apple, General Motors, Gibson, Pepsi… :joy:

Hey, looking forward to getting shipments to Canada. Especially the Sprinkler Controller (for next Summer!).

Not talking about worldwide. Just your neighbor from the north.

You took that seriously? :blush:
I am the neighbour to the North.
Notice how I spell neighbour,.:slightly_smiling_face:


Good one!

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I’m sorry, I don’t have an update for this yet. I know they’re still working on it!

Will Santa be able to get all Wyze products to a Canadian distributor before Christmas? Why can’t Santa pre order the products directly from Wyze - the north pole is not that far!!! Please, please, explain Wyze’s marketing position towards these questions.

Can Wyze make distribution in Canada a priority before developing any other products? Lets make Canadian Distribution a “product” and see how fast Wyze can put it to market !! Seems it is taking for evveeerrrrrrrrr. If you need a distributor, I know Santa will agree to all the T&Cs and make the magic of Christmas happen… Note to the elves, or .ca is not an option for Canadian because of Amazon’s price gouging practices making your products unattractive!

Just saying, and dreaming…

Ho Ho Ho

Actually Wyze products that are sold directly by Amazon Canada are priced fairly reasonably. $39 for a $25 US product is normal.
$25 USD = $32.50 CAD
I don’t think Wyze will be able to do it for less.
The products that are priced way too high are sold by third party sellers.