Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

Makes sense. They sell through Home Depot is the US.
I would like to know why they can’t officially sell through Amazon in Canada.

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Hi, new to the forum. I was hoping to buy the v3 camera, but shipping to Canada isn’t an option yet. I scrolled through this thread but there is way too much info to read through it all. Is this forum the best place to watch for news about shipping to Canada? Facebook?

Wyze will start shipping thier products in Canada in Q1 2021. No definitive answer if the V3 will be available when the service launches.

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It’s been expecting their shipment to Canada for a long time, hopefully it will be available s…o…o…n. We may need to buy their V10 by then.


Never seen a company where people are begging to buy and not being able to get the product. Does wyze really want to grow? be like tesla, innovate. Dont see any reason why we cant get the products when I can almost surely get anything from any part of the world. lol


Well there’s a difference between we as consumers getting our products from around the world and businesses trying to sell products in new markets.

Is Canada new? They have customers there who bought from a reseller at 100% markup. There is a store (PetSmart) that carries the cameras as pet cameras. I personally don’t have any but if they looked at the data in their app they could easily get a sense of what markets to explore. Leverage secondary research to build an hypothesis and run some primary research too look at where to be.

Using places like Amazon or Home Depot to help with logistics, saves a ton in not having to provide your own infrastructure. These deals can take time depending on if you know how to broker them properly.

Being in the market for a system myself my biggest concern with Wyze is lack of transparency. The system I have uses a lot of the same hardware as Wyze but they barley have support and had a severe outage a while back.

I’d argue there is a large segment looking for inexpensive self monitoring in home security. Wyze has a large number of skis that would cover most people. Why this has taken two years? No answer, at least imo not available answer. I’m still shopping but broadening my search.


I can’t say about PetSmart or Amazon, and don’t know how they manage to have inventories of Wyze products, but what I was referring to was the fact that Wyze is not “officially” operating and selling stuff in Canada, so to them doing business in Canada is new.

In Canada a lot of products work this way, for example you could buy yi lights and Roborock vacuums here, but none of them have offices nor do businesses. What you get are american products basically. Same goes for Wyze in Canada right now.

Hey Wyze devs,

I used to order your products to a border shipper and drive across and pick them up. Since the COVID restrictions have prevented me from doing this I have not been able to purchase the wyze scale, wyzecam3, and now today I have can’t buy the new vacuum! Not being able to get your products shipped to Canada has really prevented me from supporting multiple product launches this year.

I know you’re getting everything sorted out; I just wanted to emphasize how disheartening it is to get an email about a new product launch and then not being able to actually buy it and in the case of today, I will miss out on the $70 in EA savings that I might have gotten.


I live in Canada and I am happy to hear that they have finally been able to get a deal with a 3PL and will be able to service Canadians directly.

I can’t understand why people still come on here an belly ache about it. They have a plan (albeit no hard dates) but it will be in the new year.

Maybe this thread should be closed.

I feel like this thread is a ongoing conversation of what is happening. Closing it will only force a new thread creating multiple points of information.

I don’t see any plan for Mexico yet, but as long as you’re happy… :blush:

They had a plan about 18 months ago too.
I think the thread should stay open until we see a plan in action.


I’m in the exact same boat, can’t drive 20 minutes to cross the border and pick up packages anymore. Just a few weeks ago I sadly had to replace my Wyze v1 cams with Eufy. I was looking into getting a Eufy vacuum as well then got excited when I saw the Wyze one so went to order, but can’t get it shipped to Canada :frowning:


Agree, I’m missing out on another great deal!

I’m seeing the outdoor cam starter pack being available to ship to Canada from (in stock NOV 21) for about $76 USD.

Oof, so at 150% the original price…nice. I sure hope Wyze can sell their products at better prices than this when they set up their Canada warehouse.

Just hope the Wyze folks have some great entry deals in Canada when launching here. I’d like to grab at least 7-10 v3’s, the vacuum, scale and some bulbs.


Not quite that high. The price increase is only really the shipping/import cost of ~$16.5 USD since buying direct from Wyze would be around $60USD shipped anyway. 150% increase would be around $90USD. I would personally wait for Canada shipping in early 2021 but if you maybe wanted to get one before the holidays this would be an option.

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Really looking forward to being able to purchase directly from Canada. It’s so tantalizing on your web store to have a dropdown that says “Country” and another that says “State/Province” and another that says ZIP/POSTAL CODE, and then such a let-down when the only country available is the US and no Canadian provinces are listed and no postal codes are accepted…


late to the party here, but I’ve been waiting for Canada shipping for two years.

I cannot fathom why they don’t temporarily start listing their products on (not through a reseller) until a proper in-house solution is created. Clearly there are enough Canadians that want these products for it to be worth it. it’s not that difficult to set up an amazon store…