Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

This has been asked many times, but how hard is it to add shipping to Canada possible? There are these places where you simply give them a box with an address, and THEY take care of getting it to the customer. It’s amazing. They have names like USPS, UPS, Fedex etc.


Still cheaper to buy via Amazon than using FedEx. Believe me.

The door lock is not available on yet. I would pay anymore for shipping if I just had the option.

Sorry I was thinking cameras. I have already had a lock shipped to a snowbird friend who will bring up in a month or so. You must know someone ?

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My main issue is that I can’t order anything but the Sense starter kit from, but if I want more sensors without the bridge, that’s not currently possible.

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Now that cross border non-essential travel has been banned between the US & Canada those of us who’ve been using mail services in US border towns are hooped. We cannot order Wyze products for the next couple of months (if we’re lucky :frowning:

Not sure what the hang-up, is but I’ve got pent-up demand to order :slight_smile:

@WyzeGwendolyn, any thots?

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Sure, now you have us drooling over Wyze Band and Wyze Scale and still no ship to Canada.

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We’re sorry. We were trying to have Canadian shipping going well before this but are still working through things. My bet is that current events have not made launching this easier. We’re still working on Canadian shipping but I don’t know what the timeline will be.


Perhaps if you could explain exactly what the problem is you could get some useful feedback from those in Canada who are used to sourcing product from the US. The health crisis (at this time) is not even slowing cross border shipping, I even got a FedEx shipment from NY a day early today. USPS/Canada Post would be relatively inexpensive so your challenge would be to include Canadian Provinces in your state list of the order software and create a customs label. Not much of a challenge compared to your other achievements. Is the Canadian market too small to make the challenge worthwhile?


I would love to see Canadian support for wyze products. I purchased 2 cams and love them and have plans to purchase more but I am patiently waiting.


Please make it available to us. Really want the watch and scale. Whenever people see my Wyze stuff they want to buy it but they can’t in Canada.


Except for items not available anywhere except on… like 4-pack contact sensors.

You can get a starter kit and camera from the big A here in Canada for $73 factoring in current exchange landed anywhere in the us it would be $67 Canadian. Well worth it to buy from the big A to save the hassle. IMNSHO

Wish I could order a wyze band… or any other wyze product…
But wyze hates Canada. Still no Canadian shipping.


Yes, you can get the starter kit and a camera, but not just the sense contact sensors or the motion sensor. I don’t need another camera or a bridge, I just want some sensors.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a spot I can’t rationalize a camera in. Just ask my wife :frowning:

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Considering the Wyze Sense Starter Kit is selling on for 47.88, and for 73.99 … 155% increase = 25% profit allowing for 1:1.3 exchange rate. There’s money to be made.

That being said … I purchased said sense starter kit on October 17, 2019 and both contact sensors’ batteries died in January 2020 … 3 months of life out of a purported year :grimacing: . But I said whatever and went and ordered fresh batteries and now the sensors aren’t pairing with the bridge :woozy_face: . I’ve been back and forth with your very helpful tech support and tried everything and now we’re at the ‘warranty’ stage … but that doesn’t apply to me because I live in Canada :sob:

You might try looking on YouTube for a solution. As a gadget freak I have learned over the years that it’s seldom the gadget to blame. Sometimes I walk away for a day or two and suddenly have a “moment” !! Go back and start again and away we go. Also lest we forget these devices are literally at the model T era and we are all learning and that is the best part. Chill and enjoy :slight_smile:

PS I just followed my own pompous pontification and solved a week old problem :frowning:

Love Wyze! I have been on the fence to get more cameras because I cannot buy directly from Wyze.

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I have bought more than 20 through the big A for myself and friends. All working perfectly all the time. I keep a couple of spares just in case someone whines. So far in 18 months no issues and many are outside in temps as low as -35 C. In Canada. Yes I have paid a bit of a premium to the big A but I get them tomorrow and no fuss. Yes I buy 2 or 4 at a time.

PS So far no whining :slight_smile: