Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

I was excited to see this new product - Wyze Sense Starter Kit. Tried to put 3 in my basket and unfortunately does not ship to Canada. How and when can you make this happen?


I have a wyze cam v2 and wyze cam pan. I would have loved to pickup the new motion sensors, but that wasn’t a option. I honestly won’t mind paying a bit more for the product, but I would rather by the products directly from wyze as well

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We are working on Canadian shipping with plans to launch that in the summer! We’d like to get to other areas of the world later but don’t have concrete plans for those yet.


Gwendolyn, until your summer launch, would you sell Sense on


Part of the problem isn’t in just allowing us to buy but the after-sales support should it be required. I am pretty sure we Canadians would not like to have to send the Wyze (whatever it is, cam/sense/etc) back to USA as we have pretty expensive shipping. That would also mean Wyze would have expensive shipping if they were to foot the bill.
For them to have an actual footprint in Canada, that creates other business headaches over and above just cost (which can be significant). Compliance with Canadian business laws, multinational requirements, other things I don’t know, etc.
That said, I would love a Canadian presence, for sure.

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@madtaurus has a lot of the different issues nailed down in their post. We never authorized to sell our products for these and other reasons. It is possible that they’ll start selling Wyze Sense but we don’t have control of that at this point.

One other point that came to mind, is the linguistic environment. We are an officially bilingual country, and Wyze would have to have all their material translated into French, and offer services in French if they were to ever allow sales to Quebec.

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If the Wyze company would have presence in Canada they could get tax credits for research and development.
In Quebec many startups benefit on these tax credits to pay their employees salary.
Also Quebec has the lowest rental office costs in the country. Everyone loves it here.


Insofar as shipping costs, they essentially make it cheaper to buy a new item due to the average cost of Wyze products thus far. If you buy an item from outside Canada and have it shipped here, packaging can be in any language. If sold in Canada, packaging is usually required to be bilingual. The latest trend in packaging is to put English, Spanish and French on everything. Finally, Wyze is in the Seattle area, the winters in the East are too much for west coasters… (biased Vancouverite here) :canada:

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I just tried to pre-order the light bulbs, alas the same problem they don’t ship to Canada!

Canadian summer (un)officially started yesterday. Ready for the shipping to begin -and just in time for the bulbs :bulb: :smile: :bulb:


Okay, it’s starting DURING summer. Not at the start of summer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As summer (un)officially started yesterday in Canada, we are “during” summer. I get my stuff sent to Blaine anyway. :grin:

John Taylor

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Looking optimistic… thx…

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This would not be the first example of it being done…

Hello new user here…

Just an FYI…

If you log into you can purchase the starter pack with one cam for 47$
The app auto calculated shipping currency and import fees. total price comes to 85$cnd. And yes its ships to canada. The app tells you what will and wont ship and these items will ship.

I may order one

Waiting for Wyze and to agree to provide new products to Canada is unfortunate - luckily, in my case, the border is not that far away. However, Warranty is my big concern - if you buy outside of USA, even from an authorised distributor like Amazon (I assume they are authorised) there is no warranty offered by Wyze. does not offer a warranty beyond their 30 day return policy. A local distributor in Canada could solve this problem OR Wyze could offer their warranty through as many other suppliers do. I realize that this may not, however, be cost effective for many reasons including shipping costs,

doctorkb - that was the point of my “may not be cost effective” comment, However, the problem is solved within the USA and it would be nice to have the same option in Canada. I would pay the $15 shipping given the $55CDN for the pan cam.

Ok, I was patient for 2 weeks - but now our summer is half over. Winter is Coming. [queue GOT soundtrack] Starting to worry you might miss the (self-imposed) deadline. 24hr darkness will be on us again soon. Need Wyze bulbs to light the way.