Allow Canadians/Mexicans to buy direct from Wyze

It isn’t the fact they can’t it is the fact they are still figuring out the logistics.

You are also comparing a massive company like Amazon who has been around for quite awhile to WYZE who has been around a few years.

It’s not that hard, Just like any business decision, if you don’t specialize in it, outsource it. I don’t need to list the major shipping juggernauts that have cookie cutter shipping plans that can be applied here. #Wyze, you didn’t know how to build a door lock, so you partnered with people that did to get the job done… So, what do you do when you don’t know how to ship to Canada…?

Here is the latest response in another thread about shipping to Canada

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Some of the posts probably could have been more respectful. I’m not sure which posts you’re referring to specifically, but in general, the point is just that supporting additional countries comes with some added logistical challenges, including the ability to offer support in multiple languages. In the US, English simply is the primary language, as a numerical thing. (Not a superiority thing. Plenty of languages are better than English in many ways. Haha.) It would be preferable if every company based in any country could support scores of languages, but that’s not always feasible. However, Wyze is certainly growing so I imagine this is on their radar.

Actually English is the primary language in Canada and 2nd in the world behind Mandarin. That doesn’t make it better, it’s just used more.
There are added costs to every product to support multiple languages. As Canadians we know that and have accepted it as something we need to do. US companies don’t have to and it is an added hurdle for them if they want to sell their products in Canada.
Many Asian and European companies support multiple languages by default.

Hi @j.rolyat, while I understand your concern with this matter, the Community Guidelines do state, “If You See a Problem, Flag It”. That is how Wyze would prefer things like this are handled. :slight_smile:


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Presumably at some point after Wyze actually starts selling its products in other countries. Right now, sales and support is limited to the US, so it’s not recommended that international users buy the products. If you have warranty issues, for example, they can’t send you replacements, and some of the features (such as the Alexa skill, 2FA, and probably some others) are limited to the US. Some of those may work in Canada too, but I’m not sure.

I know that full Canada support is their next international priority. I’m not aware of their expansion plans beyond that. Hopefully they will at some point in the future, but I know there some hurdles associated with that. (International regulations, support for multiple languages, shipping arrangements, localized server stacks, etc.)

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I purchased these cams from Wyze Labs in Mexico. If it’s not recommended for international users then why sell them outside the US?

Wyze is has never authorized any sales outside of United States the people that are selling them outside of United States are doing so without any authorization

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Someone might want to let Amazon know about this, then, since the seller is clearly named “Wyze Labs”.


Vendido y enviado por Amazon México.
Sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico.

In terms of authorized international sellers, they don’t. I’m not exactly sure how it works with Amazon. Some products get sold through resellers on Amazon, which isn’t always obvious from the product listing. I’m not sure to what extent Amazon mirrors its US offerings on its Mexico outlet. Even in Europe, I know people are able to buy them through various localized Amazon sites somehow, but that’s not something Wyze encourages.

If Amazon offers free returns in Mexico, that might be your best option. That’s available on most items from the US site, but I’m not sure how the international Amazon sites work.


Thanks for the link. I’d encourage you to expand on that FAQ answer to specify “Amazon (US only)”, since I did purchase from Amazon, just not the US store.

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Yeah, I understand the confusion. I can ping some Wyze folks and make that suggestion.


Amazon is selling them to other countries against the instructions of WYZE is the problem. Amazon kind of does what it wants and the only recourse is to pull your product, not something any company would want to do since Amazon is so huge.

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Even that wouldn’t solve the problem entirely, aside from the fact that I suppose they could call Amazon an unauthorized reseller. But even if Amazon themselves stopped selling the camera, Amazon has tons of third-party resellers who can sell any product by any brand.

It doesn’t help that Amazon’s messaging is confusing about who you’re buying the camera from. As a case-in-point, @bkuri circled “Wyze Labs” on the listing and wrote:

which seems to be true at first glance, except that it’s not, “Wyze Labs” is the manufacturer, NOT the seller. Amazon’s product listing format is a bit misleading in this regard, but that’s not something Wyze has any control over, unfortunately.


Upon closer examination, it appears that @nerdland is absolutely correct in that the seller is not actually “Wyze Labs” but some random reseller. Their name appears somewhere at the bottom of the listing, which I find to be absolutely misleading from Amazon.

To be clear, the only reason why I bought these cameras was because I understood the seller to be Wyze themselves; otherwise I would’ve thought twice before purchasing these products.

I guess I’ll have to return them, which is a real pity because I really like everything else about them and was planning on getting a few other Wyze products for the house.

Thanks for your help and my apologies for hijacking the thread.


That’s why I posted this
Vendido y enviado por Amazon México.
Sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico.

Amazon lists the sold and shipped by over on the right side under Buy Now, not in the listing itself.
It tells who the manufacturer is in the listing . not who it’s sold by
I don’t see that it is misleading , That’s the way everything is on Amazon not just wyze cameras

I do think it can be a bit misleading, but you’re right that it’s the same way for everything on Amazon. It’s not something Wyze can control.