Allow Cams to connect to multiple wifi’ networks

I have two cameras set up at my job. Now at my job there is no internet or wifi. My boss and I use my phone to tether to the cameras so we can see who was at the job after hours. Now if I don’t come into work, my boss cannot access the cameras with his mobile Hotspot (tethering). Wish there was a way that the cameras can connect to two different wifi connections when one isn’t available.

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Like a fall back network setting. May be able to acomplish w/a GL-iNet Mini Smart router.

There is absolutely no reason you can’t do this now. Just set your and your boss’s phone to advertise the same SSID and password. I’ve never seen a hot spot feature on a phone where you couldn’t customize the name.

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That could work, long as the WiFi sub-net (DHCP assignment) wouldn’t make any diference.