All sense products offline

You’re welcome. No apology needed and hope you find a solution that works. :slightly_smiling_face:


I realize the user asked for “any solution that works” but honestly, at what point does Wyze look at itself internally and say “Wow how did we get to a point where we aren’t able to fix problems and instead are having to provide out of the box solutions”

More so there has to be some sort of change fundamentally from the company where they invest more heavily in releasing quality, finished, and supported products. It isnt right to treat a customer like Wyze treats its customers and its honestly shocking that they haven’t noticed (or worse don’t care) that there is such a large number of customers with poor experiences.

Totally agree. The way they’re handling the business and their customers, they’ll be out of business in a few years. I won’t be investing much more money in their products. I was (foolishly) among the group to purchase the wireless cam on the first day, and I regret it. I’ll put up with the products I have and do my research and move on to a more reliable company who also cares about their customers

Exactly! Why should you have to wash, rinse, and repeat?

My personal experience with Wyze products.
3 V2 Cams, 1 pan Cam, 2 Sense Switches. 2 Motion Detect Sensors, 1 Bridge

Notifications are unreliable.
App often reboots while I am using it.
Cameras, and especially video, are often slow to load.
Retrieving and using an extended video event clip is often slow and viewing a particular time is sometimes difficult.
The recognition of SD cards is unreliable.
Not being able to view Wyze Cams on my PC without kludgy third-party software is a real deal-breaker for me.
The Wyze Sense switch is unreliable.
The Wyze PIR Motion sensor has been reliable, IFTTT not so much.
On a good day, everything works fine. Unfortunately, there are too many bad days.
I treat Wyze products as toys, as such, not to be relied on and would never use them for security or critical monitoring situations.


Agreed, but all these issues aren’t the worst thing. The worst issue is that they’re not responding to the people’s complaints at all. So many complaints, no response, just more products for sale. I guess they’re trying to enrich themselves as much as they can before they ditch the company. Like you said, these are just toys. Luckily for us, not expensive toys

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Just noticed all my Wyze Sense are not showing any new status on the Wyze app since yesterday… They are all shown as “Closed” at the moment, not offline. Is there something wrong with the server?

Motion Sensors, Wyze Lock, Cam all working…

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Wyze posted an outage notice at 11:19 PM EST (8:19 PM PST).

That explains why my contact sensor was failing to turn on my bulb…

Are we having more server issues @WyzeGwendolyn ? Some sensors are “stuck”, tried re-pairing one of them, no dice. Not going to touch the others as this usually means AWS issues.

False alarm, fresh batteries fixed the 2 sensors that were stuck offline.

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Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

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