All sense products offline

I would open a support ticket but that doesn’t work either lol “Oops we couldn’t create a ticket, try again”

Strange. I usually have all sorts of issues with the sensor bridge, but mine has been working just fine the past day or so. Whatever broke yours fixed mine?

My cam pan reboots ALL THE TIME and it’s so frustrating because the plug in the back is faulty (go Wyze!) and one little jiggle and it powers off because of the plug so I replaced it and it’s still the same so every time my Pan Cam reboots it spins and knocks the power cord out and it goes offline like the rest of my Wyze products. I don’t even know why I bother at this point with Cams, Sensors, Bulbs, Bridges, and everything going offline everyday. No rules or routines are working either.

Side-Note: Does anybody have any good idea on how I can keep the Pan Cam back plug in securely with some type of material or something? Looking for someone who thinks outside of the box. I’ve tried duct tape but it didn’t work, plug just falls out of the back and has to be pressed up a bit. If anyone has any good ideas on how to safely keep the plug securely in the back It would be greatly appreciated. It’s the small US? Plug in back of unit, not wall plug :electric_plug:.
Thank you in advance.

@cannabishighway I’ve had my cam pan for 8 months and haven’t experienced any problems with the small usb plug in the base falling out.
How old is your cam pan? If it is less than a year old, I recommend starting a support ticket with Wyze customer support and see if they will send you a replacement.

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Hello and thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately I’m outside the USA (Canadian) and they don’t have warranty for us. Was told I could get one other camera sent to a USA address but with COVID19 it makes it near impossible. Out of 13 Wyze products I’ve purchased, only 4 things are working to date. The rest have all stopped along the way for whatever reason or because I was instructed to flash the firmware which has destroyed 2 cameras so far. I’m starting to look at Energizer products as replacements as they’re in the same price range.
Cheers and thanks again :grinning:

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I understand and that definitely creates a problem. There is very little space to work with on the base of the pan and the usb plug.
I guess if it were me I would plug the usb cord in and use a drop of Gorilla glue near the bottom of the plug and see if that worked. :man_shrugging:


So im having the same issue, even my cam v2s are showing offline. but I can watch the live stream fine.

UPDATE: I just fixed it by reverting back the cam v2s firmware back to .
and now they show online and sensors too.


Sorry to hear about the difficulty some folks are encountering with other devices! These sound like they’re different than what was originally reported. I’d recommend contacting customer support so we can help troubleshoot.

Wyze Customer Support

Yeah, I think some folks are having a different problem. My Wyze sense was functioning again by the time I got up the next morning after you posted about the maintenance on the server. I’m Eastern time so I guess it was back around midnight that night my time since you said 9:pm

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I thought I had a bad bridge… Wyze thought so too. Turned out to be the power supply! I’d lose all my sense devices from time to time. I replaced the power supply and have not had a problem since. YMMV… My hypothesis is that the power somehow is not sufficient or ‘fails’ in a way that the camera keeps working but the sense bridge loses its mind.


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn,
I think the most annoying part here is a bridge (cam software?) was not able to recover from the outage, aka AWS maintenance. I ended up rebooting my cam (/bridge) to make it work again. It would be cool if you guys will try to reproduce this issue and fix it, so most of people will not even notice an outage in future.

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I thought I was back up and running but now have most of my contact sensors down. I have 2 bridges, all the one connected to one of them are disconnected. Putting in a ticket now

I would but that doesn’t work either. I fill out the form hit submit and get “Sorry we couldn’t create a ticket at this time. Please try again.”

On another note I have a brand new contact sensor kit with low batteries already, how can I get these replaced as that is not cool at all. order # 002853870

@rmontenguise, I hope support will be able to figure out why that’s happening and get it sorted out for you!

@flyingchipmunk, that is weird and unfortunate and I’m sorry. Here’s our phone number so you can get around the ticket submission issue and talk about this and your low battery issue. When you talk to support, please tell them about the difficulty that you had with submitting a support ticket.



I too have the problem with my sense devices going off line at the drop of a hat. So I have left them that way for now and will await to see what happens. In addition, I’m going nuts with the bulbs going on line and off line randomly. and not working with Alexa. At least a couple times a week I have to go around and manually turn bulbs off, then on, then I can usually turn them back off with my Alexa. However, sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to go into the Wyze app and play with turning lights on and off and the dimming feature and finally they will start resetting. Pain in the butt.

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Mine are doing same. Events page still showing last weeks events. Will not update.

Unfortunately this has become the norm for wyze. Their philosophy seems to be about making as much money from us as possible and not focusing on quality performance. I’m so tired of my sensors and bulbs and plugs going off line, but what’s the use of complaining to a company that doesn’t care. They never respond and nothing is ever fixed. Eventually I’ll take the loss and move on to a more serious company. It’s a shame, they started out so well, so sincere and so humble. I’ve given up voicing concern or complaining. Oh well,…

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Yes I agree about taking a loss because. This is not right for no solutions to these problems.

I have 6 cams, 3 are v1, 3 are v2. All are connected and I am able to view livestream. I am still getting motion/sound notifications on my phone. However, I’m unable to view anything under events. Keep getting error msg that clip has not finished downloading yet. This just started about 3 or 4 hours ago (currently 1:00pm 7/11/2020 west coast time).

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I’ve had similar problems with my sensors not reporting correct status or going off-line. Had a ticket opened with support, lots of back and forth troubleshooting and submitted logs. Then the ticket was closed while they were supposed to be reviewing the logs (because I didn’t respond to the automated message…). Couldn’t re-open that ticket. Now I have a new one. Still an engineer is supposed to be reviewing logs and nothing…

I was also asked to replace the power supply. I have 4 cameras and 4 bridges. Doesn’t make sense that I would need to replace the power supplies for all 4…

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