All sense products offline

Tonight yet again all 3 v2s with bridges went unresponsive. I have tried every ungodly thing to get the bridges back online but nothing is working.

Every single sense product is offline or “stuck” showing the last state and won’t update.

I have 12 products offline (mix of motion detectors and contact sensors).

What on earth is going on?


Same here, all my cameras still working but all my sense and bulbs products are doing whatever they want. Rules aren’t working, turning on and off randomly, etc


I suppose I’m glad it’s not just me. Maybe server side issue.

I am getting tired of resetting/removing/adding/resetting/rinse and repeat.


Same. Happens every few weeks or so. I hope they release a base station/bridge to use instead of server based.


Tried creating support ticket just get generic error “Oops couldn’t create ticket right now”


Wish I had come here first…did the power cycle and plugging the bridge back in routine. Of course, being who I am, found myself just doing setup again. Whole mess is buggered now.

Ahh… misery loves company.


Now all my wyze bulbs are possessed turning on and off by themselves.

I have left eco systems for far less than these problems. I have been with wyze since the beginning but this is testing my patience.


I have blocked all wyze WAN traffic in my unifi controller until whatever this is gets resolved. No more remote craziness turning my house into a disco club.

Same here. My last sensor trigger on the log was around 9:30 PM Eastern time. This is why I don’t like server based products. Having to rely on an outside party and internet for something as basic as a local light trigger adds a whole layer of potential reliability problems. I really wish devices to trigger a smart plug or light was local, but I guess that would require either a hub or its own WiFi


Same issues. I really want to love Wyze. I’ve got so much of their ecosystem, but when it comes to these sensors and the unreliability, I’ve about had it.


My Wyze V2 cams will not stay on either. I will turn them on and they will turn themselves back off before I can even exit the app! What is going on?? Not cool!

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Sorry to hear about these difficulties! I’ve reported up and have the team looking into this.


I posted this over on our service status page and I’m copying it here so everyone can easily get the information. Thanks for the reports, folks!

7/7/20 10:44 PM PT - At around 7:00 PM PT to about 9:00 PM PT, AWS performed maintenance on the service we use for processing information for some Wyze devices. This led to delayed push notifications and status changes but should be resolved at this time. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


I’ve still got numerous sense products offline and/or stuck. Also if I pull down the screen on my motion sensor group the spinny arrow spins forever and never refreshes.

How do we recover?

edit: also rules aren’t working either


1 of my bridges is down for the count, ended up resetting the devices that were paired with that bridge to another bridge and got the rest of the sensors online.

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Yea, mine are still having issues, the bulbs keep turning themselves back to the on position. Not sure why or how, I flipped all the switches off so they wouldn’t be on all night since they won’t stay off. Wont know if sense is working until bulbs work right since I use sense to mostly control my bulbs

Not fixed here

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I have a contact sensor going to a bulb that failed to turn the bulb on this morning. Second time this has happened recently. Odd.

It’s 1:16 pm EST here. Mid-morning my pan cam rebooted by itself. Contact sensor is online in app. Went and opened the door and it still shows closed. Hasn’t worked since July 4th. Replaced the battery even. Reliability is still an issue unfortunately.

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Scratch that, now two of my 3 bridges are offline for good and a handful of sensors that were paired to them.

Do we have another outage @WyzeGwendolyn?