All devices missing from app

Same issue here. All my devices are gone. There were there 30min ago.

Same here I think they may have been hacked. How else does this happen? Friday night we won’t hear anything until monday

Same issues here. All devices gone from my android app. My wife can still see all devices on her iphone though.

Same issue here, all my camv2s are gone, started around 7pm EST

Same problem several times.


I use one as a baby monitor as well and I count on this camera to be functional. Pretty disappointed.


Having same problem. Is there a way to get notified when this is resolved?

Same problem. Very frustrating. Resetting devices, uninstalled app on Android, nothing works…

You are better off not doing anything you will only make things worse.
Wyze is is aware of the issue and is working on it

Android user. Mine are back. I did nothing.


Mine are still down but hope this is promising.

Mine just vanished again!

Same just happened to us. Had some cams shared with others and they’re gone for them, too.

Obviously, a widespread issue. Just giving the +1.

yep, has been down for over an hour

Fairly new user with Wyze here (a little over a month). Hope this doesn’t become a common issue with Wyze. Sad that I have now bookmarked this page (just so I can see it’s not just happening to me). Right now my two Victure cameras have been more reliable than my Wyze cams.

I’m experiencing the same. Neither logging in and out nor restarting the phone resolves the missing devices from Home screen.

Missing all devices on my android galaxy note 9

first time I’ve noticed this sort of thingover the last 6 months. I do run a separate brand for doorbells, and now I’m glad I do.

Same here. Pixel 3xl phone. It was working about 2 hrs ago. Tried signout and uninstall app etc.