All devices missing from app

Have a camera and several sensors and bulbs set up on the app and they were working properly. Went to install another wyze bulb and after installing, toggled the switch 3 times per the process and then opened the app.
I got an activity circle spinning for a while, but when the app main screen loaded, there was nothing but “+ new device”. All devices are gone, and when I hit new devices, it says failed and nothing is found.
All my rules are still there and work when triggered, but each rule lists the device as “unknown device”
I’ve logged in and out a few times, and tried removing the app but my devices still won’t appear

Any suggestions? I searched and the only “solution” was to log in and out. Not only did it not work but now I can’t even add the devices again

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I’m having this same issue. They were all working within the last hour, but now I can see live streams, or add new devices.

About when mine did. Perhaps something on wyze side?

Mine are back online, not sure what fixed it. :woman_shrugging:

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just logged out and logged back in as well and its all back

Another widely publicized fix is to log out, reboot phone, log back in. This should fix the problem. If the problem persists, you can contact Wyze Support.

It wasn’t a fix. It was a coincidence. I logged out a few times and even went as far as to remove the app and reinstall. When it didn’t do anything I left it for a bit and tried again when megan said hers was working again.

They clearly had issues on the back end

Very happy to use (from yesterday) the Wyze Bulb in Romania (230V 50hz). Today the bulbs dissapared from my app (the logout->restart->login didn’t work for me). However, I tried this and the bulbs were back:

Log out-> Wyze App Info -> Clear Cache -> Log in.

Regards from RO,